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The villagewide garage sale will be June 1

Senior Focus

ADK Bridge Club winners for April 29

JOHNSTOWN The Adirondack Bridge Club Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. played the Mitchell Movement on April 29 at the at the Shirley J. Luck Senior Center, 109 E. Main St.

The north south winners for first place, Chloe Correll and John Chrisman; second place, Sue Herrick and Debbie Brown; third place, Carlene Lankton and Mary Jane Fredericks.

The east west winners were first place, Lois Widdemer and canada goose outlet shop Doris McIntosh; second place, Poppy Kiernan and Sue Shaver; third place, Carol Persse and Rod Correll.

Tickets for Virginia trip are available

MAYFIELD The Bannertown 50 Plus Seniors started out their day on April 24, with a social hour followed by the Office for the Aging luncheon.

Evie Leach, chaplain, canada goose outlet opened the luncheon with canada goose outlet toronto factory the devotion, loves me followed by Lord Prayer. Carl Edwards opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nancy Hayes, vice president, read the roll call.

The group welcomed a new member, Ron Fraiser, to the club.

Lorrie Valk, secretary and Joan Bezio, treasurer, gave their reports and were accepted.

Edwards mentioned he talked with the man who puts on cheap canada goose the safety driving course. He needs more than 20 people cheap canada goose uk interested because of the distance he has to travel. There was not enough interest to pursue the course.

The cookie committee for the next meeting Wednesday, will be Hayes and Bezio.

A spring auction will be held and Sue Wemple will be the auctioneer.

Valk mentioned there are spots open for the Virginia Beach, historic Norfolk and Colonial Williamsburg trip from Sept. 30, through Oct. 5. The down payment of $75 is due by May 20. If anyone is interested and needs more information, cheap Canada Goose call Valk at (518) 661 canada goose outlet uk sale 5339 or canada goose black friday sale Bezio at (518) 725 1869.

The following is some other trip information.

Aug. 15: Clove Creek Dinner Theater for the show, Magnolias. The price is $60 due by Aug. 1.

Sept. 12: Schoharie museums with dinner at canadian goose jacket Rubbin Butts. The price is $43 due by Sept. 1.

Oct. 15: Essex Steam Train and Riverboat excursion with dinner on the train. The price is $60 due by Oct. 1.

The meeting adjourned with drawings held. The winners were Leo Van Allen, the door prize and donated it back to the club; Judy Berger, the buy canada goose jacket cheap 50 50.

Easter trivia was played while members had ice cream, cake and candy.

BROADALBIN canada goose outlet uk The Broadalbin canada goose clearance sale Senior Citizens met on Wednesday, with 67 members attending which included one guest. Chaplain Marsha Prokop led the group in a prayer. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Toni Hallenbeck, after which lunch was served. Nancy canada goose outlet new york city Weiss read the secretary report. Jennifer Gilston gave the treasure report. Janet Austin, sunshine chairwoman, reported she sent out one get well card. The villagewide garage sale will be June 1. Volunteers for the garage sale are needed. Members are asked to sign up at the next meeting to help with this. The donations for the garage sale will be taken at the May 29, canada goose outlet meeting.

There also will be a cheese and cracker platter before the next meeting. Come a little early for some finger foods and socialize with the members. Bring own beverages. The group will be celebrating Mother Day and also welcoming spring. June 7, at the Broadalbin Perth canada goose jacket outlet Middle School. This year theme is Good ol Country Music. To reserve canada goose outlet online uk a ride and/or a seat, call the Office for the Aging canada goose outlet nyc at (518) 736 5650. RSVP by May 25.

The 50 50 drawing was held and the winner was Kathy Satterlee.

Carol Cramer announced the May birthdays and led the group in Birthday.

The donations were collected for the Broadalbin Ecumenical Church Food Pantry, as the seniors do the first week of every month.

Hallenbeck, trip canada goose factory sale chairwoman, announced the upcoming trips: June 18, Hildene canada goose clearance (the home of Robert Lincoln); July 9, Lake George lunch cruise; July 18, to see at the MacHaydn Theatre; Sept. 25, Lake Placid; Oct. 24, the Rockefeller Mansion. Hallenbeck reminded people May 3, was the last day to signup for the Sicily trip of Nov. 2 to 11, after that date, Canada Goose online the prices may change. She also advised anyone interested in the Renaissance Cruise in July 2020 canada goose outlet store uk to sign up now as the rooms are selling fast and already some are sold out.

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Use your ATM/Debit cards instead of cash or cheques for making

this is when you should see a fertility doctor

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Battle at Virginia Beach Tournament to be held August 29, 2009

The Good Fight will hold buy roaccutane quick. Battle at Virginia Beach at the Bayside Recreation Center on Saturday, August 29, 2009 with divisions for kids, teens, men and women in single elimination and consolation match format with both Gi and No-Gi divisions.A�A� Ticket prices for spectators start at $15 if purchased the day of the fight, or $10 if pre-ordering in advance.A�A�A� Registration and weigh-ins begin at 8 a.m., with fights beginning at 10 a.m., with all first place winners receiving a samurai sword.A� Fighters looking to participate in the event can still register online.

For more information, Jim Fortunato can be contacted at (856) 343-4722.

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