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Twitter Recap

Ah, Twitter.

I, like many people (I hope), still don’t know everything about it and am treating it with the same mixed amount of faux interest and curiosity as I do the H1N1 virus. People tell me it’s addicting and fun, so I listen to how they ‘tweeted’ about how good their Thanksgiving dinner was and all the silence the acticin to buy online. family endured at their dinner table because everyone was looking down at their laps texting.

It was a very…interesting story.

Although it may be a long time before I sign up for an account with which I can ‘tweet’ all day, UFC has a great web page dedicated to Twitter that keeps fans in the know with up-coming events.A� With Thanksgiving, the goings-on in the MMA world were limited, but still alive. UFC 107 preparations, Thanksgiving plans and UFC 106 recaps were most prevalent, but don’t take my word for it; check it out here.

Again, not a whole lot of news for this week, but it’s worth checking out the link above to see Jenna Jameson sitting Octagon-side at UFC 106. Pique your interest yet? No? Oh well…what do I know? I’m still a non-tweeter.

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McLovin’ the Heat in UFC 106

UFC 106, set for November 21, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, will host a battle at welterweight up for much discussion.A� Dustin a�?McLovina��a�? Hazelett (12-4) will fight Armenian Karo a�?The Heata�? Parisyan (18-5).

Parisyana��s last contest, in UFC 94, was determined a�?No Contesta�? by NSAC after he tested positive for banned painkillers during a drug screening post-fight.A� Parisyan stated that he had a prescription for the drugs due to back and hamstring injuries.A� Prior to this overturn, he won with a split decision over Kim Dong-hyun of South Korea.

Because of his hearing which ruled the decision a�?No Contesta�? and suspended Parisyan for nine months, Hazelett will be his first match up since the incident.A� Can Parisyan come back with enough strength to pick up a win, fair and square?A� Or will Hazelett prove to be the better man after his last match up?

Hazelett last faced off against Tamdan McCrory in UFC 91.A� Hazelett won by submission using a painful-looking reverse arm bar.The match is shown below.A� Watch as Hazelett uses his legs and arms to secure McCrory’s arm and then begin twisting it until he submits.

YouTube Preview Image

He was set to fight in UFC 96 but had order online drugs with a mastercard. to withdraw because of an injury.A� He will return to the octagon in his match up against Parisyan.A� Can Hazelett set himself up for an arm bar, a popular move winning him submissions in the past? Or will Parisyan have a few tricks up his sleeve to prevent it?

Both fighters have 9 wins by submission and have gone almost a year without a fight.A� This fight will be particularly interesting to see whose comeback can win the match.A� Parisyan will have to watch Hazeletta��s arm bar as it has won him Submission of the Night honors in past match ups including in UFC 91.A� Hazelett might have to watch as Parisyan has the stamina to last an entire match.A� They two will prove to be a solid match in UFC 106 this November.

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