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Styles Make Fights – UFC 99: Swick vs. Saunders (Freestyle vs. Freestyle)

In a welterweight fight which featured audible trash-talking between the fighters, Mike Swick continued his ascent up the ranks of 170 pounds with a KO of Ben Saunders at UFC 99: The Comeback

The fight was started off by Swick taking down Saunders against the cage. At one point on the ground, Swick asked Saunders …”are you going to hold on me all day?”, to which Saunders replied, “then lets stand up, bitch.”

Mike Swick doesnt like being called a bitch.

Mike Swick doesn't like being called a bitch.

That exchange was more exciting than any of the action in the cage, where Swick was content to take Saunders down until the referee would stand the fights up again. However, near the end of the second round, Swick suddenly exploded phenergan 25 mg sale montreal. with quick hands, countering a Saunders kick attempt with a flurry of fists to the head which ended the fight.

It was a matchup between two lanky and similarly-sized fighters, but Swick’s hand speed and power made the difference against the TUF alum Saunders, who was unable to showcase much of his skills against his first quality UFC opponent.

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