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But it took them forever to diagnose because 1

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General recipe I just wrote down calories as I measured (usually rounding up) so I don remember what the weight measurements are now! But it a HUGE pot.

Chili calorie breakdown:

canada goose coats on sale 350 black beans. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose black friday sale 480 shredded chicken. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet 230 salsa jar and taco seasoning.200 acorn squash. Canada Goose Outlet

100 butternut canada goose outlet washington dc cubes (from frozen bag).

100 zucchini

Canada Goose Online Basically I roasted the squash in the oven (except the frozen butternut cubes), and then dumped a jar of salsa, a package of taco seasoning, and al the ingredients in a pot with some water to keep simmering away. The pot is probably about 5 6 quarts for reference. Canada Goose Online

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My story is my crazy ass medical drama that happened. Wow exactly a year and a half ago today. Everyone close to me knows about it, canada goose jacket outlet toronto but it weird talking to them about it too because they all remember more than I do anyway, and it was a hard time for them too. Just need to talk it out sometimes, ya know?

So, I woke up on May 1, 2017 in excruciating pain. Some vomiting so I thought I had some horrible food poisoning. That stopped after a couple of hours but the pain just kept getting worse, it was in my entire abdomen, but mostly upper right quadrant. Eventually my (then) boyfriend (now fiance) convinced me to go to an urgent care. They couldn figure out what was wrong, thought maybe a gallbladder issue and wanted me to get an ultrasound. Gave me some tramadol and sent me on my way to the ultrasound. Except they couldn get me in until 8 am the next morning.

I went the next morning, barely able to walk, and only thanks to the drugs, and had the ultrasound. Now usually the techs doing it aren supposed to tell you anything but she told me to “expect their call soon”. By 11 am I had a phone call saying to go to the ER and tell them I was bleeding internally. At the ER I get taken immediately back and a CT scan done. Over 10 tumors on my liver, two that are canada goose outlet mall 5cm diameter and one 10cm diameter one that had ruptured.

canadian goose jacket Over the next 15 days I spent in the hospital still in excruciating pain but on epic amounts of dilaudid (after discovering I majorly allergic to morphine, that was an adventure). Multiple surgeons and Drs come talk canada goose outlet germany to me, many scans done, biopsy done, etc. Turns out they hepatic adenomas caused (likely) by contraceptive use. But it took them forever to diagnose because 1. They super rare, like an incidence rate of 0.004% of women on contraceptives get them and 2. They usually get one that is at largest quarter sized. canadian goose jacket

I had to have a liver resection, removing half of my liver and the large bleeding tumor which grew to 15cm in the days I was in the hospital. The resulting surgery gave me a fabulous 13 inch scar across the middle of my abdomen, and another 8 days in the hospital following canada goose outlet black friday sale that surgery. It took about a month to be able to get out of bed by myself and walk around for more than an hour or so, and really a full 6 months to get mostly back to normal. I had two embolizations in Sep. 2017 and Oct. 2017 to try and kill the two 5 cm tumors.

canada goose Recently, I had pain again and discovered I had a new crop of tumors. Had another embolization in August 2018 to try and kill those. canada goose

It so annoying, and all of my family feels sorry for me all the time. They treat me like I so fragile, when I used to be the “strongest” one of the “kids” (me, sibling, and cousins). I tired of being sick Maria and am more annoyed at my new tumors, rather than upset by it. It just a frustrating existence that is hard to explain sometimes. Everytime I think something gets better, a new annoying thing crops up related somehow to the tumors. I wish I could move past this point in my life. So thanks for listening to my rant.

canada goose factory sale TL/DR: birth control pills gave me tumors and a giant scar. It annoying and I over it. canada goose factory sale

Bad thing: its not even my bodyweight, only 135 when i weigh 140ish. (extremely weak + fucked knees + lower body mobility problems = one hellva time deadlifting) I went for 140 about 10 times before i accepted that it wasnt gonna happen this week because I too gassed.

Good thing: I joined my cheap canada goose schools cross country team and went to my first practice today

Bad thing: I ran 3.7kms and nearly died and everyone else ran 5k canada goose outlet toronto location minimum.

Good thing: my previous “record” was 2.5kms canada goose outlet london of running, and i beat that by over a km. I really wanna be able to run 5k unbroken.

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With all due respect, you wrong on not running. The worst thing i could do to my knee is stop moving, and my physio told me to start incorperating moderate impact exercises canada goose outlet in montreal as soon as i could get the range of motion. Can I do box jumps or basketball? Probably not. I also anecdotally know that when i stop trying to have my knee withstand impact or bear a load, everyday things become 2x more painful. I have to keep strengthening and stretching my legs and specifically knee muscles.

Party of the so called who, for whatever reasons, don want to

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You follow this pattern for a period of time. Then you change the schedule luxury replica bags to going to the bathroom every 90 minutes. Eventually you change it to every two hours and continue to lengthen the time until you are up to three or four hours between bathroom visits..

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You know that you have X numbers of parts to cast, and you just want good people in them. So you go through the “files” in your head, you take recommendations, and you hold auditions. You do whatever it takes. I had her apply for the Capital One Platinum card because she not a student. Sometimes they make you get a secured card (where you have to put down a deposit like $200 or so) but sometimes they don They gave her the unsecured card. She only got a $300 credit limit which really sucks but the cool thing about the Capital One Platinum is that after 6 months of on time payments they raise high quality hermes replica uk your limit.If you a student then apply for a student card (like the Discover Student).

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Hermes Bags Replica “Second,” he said, “they will discuss a variety of issues, which are already on the international agenda in addition to our bilateral cooperation. Of course, the war on terrorism is an extremely important one. India was one of the very first countries to wholeheartedly join the international coalition on the global war against terrorism Hermes Bags Replica.

having used so many of the products from this label

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Washington Navy Yard 3,000 workers will be replaced by the meticulous work of forensics teams, looking for answers after a military contractor gunned down 12 people and wounded

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the first episode and unreservedly ray ban polarized sunglasses telling Tim just how much she loved him last week, canada pharmacy online while still hobbling around with an ray ban sunglasses sale injured knee buying viagra after an unfortunate boating cialis 5 mg costo accident sustained halfway through the series.

The continued exposure of RayBans does not speak only of good marketing savvy if it ever is. Rather no product, no matter how great the people running the campaign, can achieve the popularity and

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you going to find him guilty.

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unfortunate boating accident sustained halfway through the viagra australia next day delivery. series.

When I go to Walmart, the Hispanic population is not the

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Howell has a nice way of sharing that learning and while she says this is not a book about fundamental counseling skills, your skills can improve with taking the LLCC approach in your practice. Her focus is on working with adults and on using evidence based practices.The book is in three parts, with the first being the foundations of LLCC. This is especially beneficial hermes bag replica for someone just starting a counseling career, but it is also helpful for established counselors looking to grow and improve.

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The findings came in response to a request from top Democrats, who are calling for Pruitt to resign over rampant spending and ethical lapses. The report arrived just three days after Democrats leading a congressional investigation into Pruitt released letters detailing accusations of “unethical and potentially illegal” moves. The explosive new allegations came from an interview with Kevin Chmielewski, a lifelong Republican and former Trump aide who served as the EPA’s deputy chief of staff until he was removed forraising alarm over Pruitt’s spending habits..

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JFSCC used the Space Surveillance Network sensors and their orbital analysis system to confirm Tiangong 1′s reentry, and to refine its prediction and ultimately provide more fidelity as the reentry time approached. The JFSCC also confirmed reentry through coordination with counterparts in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Holger Krag, the head of ESA’s Space Debris Office, confirmed the reentry of Tiangong 1 shortly thereafter on the ESA Rocket Science Blog.

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canada goose uk shop However, things from the past need context, especially when trying to find commonalities between other societies in the past and our current generation. National Socialism and German society, and American society for that matter, lived in an age of “scientific” racial concepts. American not only constituted the place where the “race” concept was forged, it also generated the scientists who established the traditions of its study. canada goose uk shop

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canada goose coats Jessica Freeman says her \”knees buckled\” the moment canada goose jacket outlet sale she heard the news.\”I just laid my head on the table,\” said Andrea Little Gray.\”. \”Would he look at you as he drove by?\” Van Sant asked. \”He\u0027d wave at us,\” said Freeman. ERM most often represents a ‘physiological’ response to extreme physical exercise or to normal exercise under extreme circumstances. In contrast, ERM might also be the first manifestation of a genetic muscle disease, which lowers canada goose jacket outlet uk the exercise threshold for developing muscle breakdown. A genetic cause should always be considered in individuals with repeated episodes of canada goose outlet in canada ERM and in those canada goose outlet houston in whom the severity of rhabdomyolysis exceeds the expected response to the exercise performed.. canada goose coats

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