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UFC 92: Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans

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Overview:A� Forrest Griffin knew what he was talking about in this pre fight interview as he talked about his upcoming light-heavyweight titleA�defense against top contender, Rashad Evans.A� Griffin mentioned, he was not going to under estimate Evans andA�was wellA�aware of his knockout power;A� he was going to keep him at jab length and work his low kicks;A� finally, he was going to try to avoid any take downs and make Rashad work at his potential attempts.A� The fight mirrored everything he said.A� Unfortunately for Forrest fans, Griffin did everything he wanted for two and half rounds before he got caught with Evans powerful right hand, which he warned of.

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Summary:A� Griffin vs. Evans

Forrest Griffin clearly came out and dictated the pace for the first two rounds.A� I felt this is some of the best stand up I have witness from Forrest in his UFC career.A� He was very unpredictable while using all four limbs in his fluid and accurate combination attacks.A� Evans, known for sitting back and waiting for the big shot, was on his heels most of the fight.A� When Griffin was not attacking, he was covering and counter striking well and his footwork and angles were making it hard for Evans to land any solid attacks.

Throughout the first two rounds Griffin landed kicks seemingly at will.A� The main reason for this success is that he was setting his kicks up with punches first and he was changes targets from low(legs) to high(head).A� Ultimately though, he got careless when he kicked to the body without a great set up, which usually makes it easierA�for an opponentA�to attempt aA�kick catch and a quick right cross counter.A� This is all Evans needed as he drilled Forrest with the straight cross counter to the chin that dazed Griffin enough to allow Rashad to dominate in Forrests guard.A� Griffin, who has an effective MMA guard which usually has him standing back up, could not recover and took much punishment after over a minute on the ground.A� The ref stopped the fight and Rashad Evans took the title from fan favorite, Forrest Griffin.

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