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I suspect her first language was not English

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The Ultimate Fighter 9 Big Board: Episode 6 – Dollar vs. Stapleton, Lester vs. Wilks

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 9 USA vs U.K.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 9 USA vs U.K.

The majority of this weeka��s episode of TUF was devoted to the two fights that took place, with Team USA and Team UK once again splitting the victories. Team UK still holds the overall lead at 3-2.

In a lightweight match, Team USAa��s Cameron Dollar defeated Team UKa��s Martin Stapleton with a rear naked choke in round one. The second fight of the night had both limbs and teeth flying, with Team UKa��s James Wilks triumphing over Team USAa��s Frank Lester due to verbal submission.
Dollar was shown in the lead-up to the fight to being something close to a nervous wreck, but in a classic styles-make-fights example, Dollar managed to run the ground gauntlet against Stapleton, whoa��s lack of ground prowess left him helpless against Dollara��s wrestling. Dollar reversed a Stapleton takedown attempt, secured back control and eventually choked out Stapleton with plenty of time to spare in round oneinflatable toys.

In a welterweight clash, Wilks restored Team UKa��s lead by winning a slugfest over Lester. In this fight, Lestera��s inexperience showed; even though brawling and stand-up were his best weapons, Lester never bothered with defense or head movement, leaving him open to the clinch of the longer-reaching Englishman. Wilks, who has won all of his professional MMA fights via submission, was able to close the distance and clinch at will before delivering a devastating knee which knocked several of Lestera��s teeth out. From there on out, Lester was easy pickings for Wilks, who manhandled his opponent until securing a verbal submission out of an armbar.

TUF Top 3

Which of the fighters are the front-runners to winning it all? As more and more fights occurs, the cream slowly rises to the topa��


  1. Richie Whitson a�� Team USA (Previous rank: 1)
    The red-haired Alaskan, already nicknamed a�?Carrot Topa�? by internet fans, defeated Paul Bird via first round submission to earn the right to represent the USA. The Team Quest prospect showed good takedown defense and quick hands in his victory, making him the top standout so far from 155.
  2. Andre Winner a�� Team UK (Previous rank: 3)
    Winner, an early favorite coming into the show, was shaky in his prelim fight but turned up the heat against Santino DeFranco, beating the American in the stand-up game before finishing on the ground. Winnera��s combination of strength and length will provide a matchup nightmare against whichever lightweight stands in his way next.
  3. Cameron Dollar a�� Team USA (Previous rank: n/a)
    For all of the trash talk, antagonizing his own teammates, and then pre-fight crisis of confidence, Dollar still managed to put on a solid ground showing versus Martin Stapleton. While his victory was impressive due to its quickness, his weak stand-up and questionable frame of mind wont have any other of the lightweights shaking in their boots.

Dropped out: Ross Pearson a�� Team UK


  1. Demarques Johnson a��Team USA (Previous rank: 1)
    Johnson solidified his status as the welterweight to beat so far with his quick submission of Dean Amasinger. While Amasinger wasna��t one of the top welterweights, Johnsona��s finish was still convincing enough for him to keep the top spot.
  2. James Wilks a�� Team UK (Previous rank: 2)
    Wilks, who submitted the notable Che Mills in his prelim fight, handled Team USAa��s Frank Lester in brutal fashion, showing a hard Thai clinch and knees before finishing things up on the ground. While Lester wasna��t exactly the most seasoned welterweight on the show, Wilks proved that he is no slouch on his feet in addition to being a definite danger on the ground.
  3. Nick Osipczak a�� Team UK (Previous rank: 3)
    The first winner on the main show didna��t look overly impressive in doing so, but he showed a good chin in dealing with Mark Millera��s punches in the first round. Osipczak so far has not shown much technique, and instead seems to be coasting on his physical talents alone. Now at least, his KO win should make the other welterweights respect him a little more.

Dropped out: David Faulkner a�� Team UK

Quote of the Show:
a�?We all hate you too, you old grumpy f**ka�?

- Cameron Dollar, while overhearing Jason Pierce telling Mark Miller and Dean Amasinger about how much he dislikes Dollar.

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