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Brown, Faber rematch shows best of MMA

WEC Brown Faber

The first fight I ever watched converted me into a follower.

I never watched any type of Mixed Martial Arts match from start to finish. Fighting just wasna��t something I had considered to be entertaining. Ia��d linger when I channel surfed, but all it was to me at the time was a bunch of scary-looking guys beating each other up; it was something I never really saw myself getting into, despite being a sports nut.

But after watching overly dramatic commercials on the rematch between Mike BrownA� and Urijah Faber being the fight of the year, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. And boy, did I find out.

After five rounds of action-packed punches, elbows and kicks, Brown defeated a�?California Kida�? Faber by unanimous decision.

The upset of last yeara��s World Extreme Cagefighting Championship by Brown over Faber was unexpected and led Faber to say he was a�?eager to get some redemption,a�? as said to the WEC.

The rematch of this fight took place Sun., June 7, at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, Calif. and was much anticipated. The fights leading up to the main event were nearly as exciting. Notably, one match lasted only eight seconds, with Jose Aldo knocking out Cub Swanson with a flying knee.

The match took place in Fabera��s hometown, and when he walked into the arena the crowd erupted with cheers. Several times throughout the fight, chants of a�?Faber, Faber!a�? could be heard. Despite this, Brown came away from the fight victorious.

a�?I heard the booa��s coming in and I actually a�� I almost like it,a�? Brown said in an interview with a�?When Ia��m the hometown guy, when people cheer for me, I almost am nervous, like a�?Oh no, I dona��t want to let these guys down.a�� But when Ia��m booed it makes me want to fight.a�?

Faber arguably took Round 1, while Brown dominated the rest of the fight, and won by unanimous decision after five hard-fought rounds, once again making him the WEC Featherweight Champion.

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After breaking his hand early on in the fight, Faber did a good job of hiding it from the viewers and from his opponent for several rounds, eventually throwing more elbows instead of punches.

About halfway into the fight, Versus announcers called the fight a�?a classic in the making,a�? giving credit to Brown and Faber as both being talented and persevering athletes in the MMA world. called the fight a�?epica�? and a�?one of the most memorable bouts of the year.a�? called it one of the a�?biggest events in the history of the WEC.a�?

This sport got to me for several reasons. It showed strong emotions, determination, mental and physical toughness and extreme athleticism. It had me yelling at the television, screaming a�?Hit him!a�? and wondering how in the world the fighters got out of some of those holds (the guillotine and triangle chokes are insane!).

When the fighters teared up after losing or winning, I felt for them. Despite being an individual sport, it was still all about teamwork and supporting all the trainers that helped them get to the fight.

I admire their toughness even when injured. You cana��t name too many professional athletes that would continue to play despite breaking a hand.

So, I think I learned my lesson: Dona��t judge a sport a�?til you watch it!

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