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Fighter Notes Scott Jorgensen vs. Noah Thomas

Scott Jorgensen vs. Noah Thomas

Scott – showed impressive ground and pound, was solid in his transitions. Effective straight punching. tendancy to head hunt, but it paid off, most effective strike was a jab-cross that dropped white. Almost got finished with a triangle when he dropped in to pound out white near the cheap birth control no prescription. end of the fight. Should consider making opponents stand up when they are hurt, and he has such a dominent skill advantage standing up.

White – Ground game was effective at times at preventing damage, and maintaining position. Most significant attack was a submission attack from the bottom after getting dropped by a jab cross. Needs to work on his stand-up game if he is going to progress to the next level, because is ground game isn’t impressive enough to be a dominant threat.

  • Scott by 1st Round TKO
  • Position: Guard
  • Strike: Elbows

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