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MMA Legend, Erik Paulson, Is Coming To State College/Penn State To Conduct A MMA Seminar In October 2009

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MMA pioneer, Erik Paulson, will be making his annual Combat Submission Wrestling(CSW) Seminar visit to Titan Fitness, State College, PA on October 24th and 25th, 2009.A� To reserve your spot please contact Paul Zelinka or Bruce Lombard @ 814-235-1015 or� You can also visit or www.lombardmma.comfor more information.A� Do not miss this opportunity to learn from one of the top MMA Coaches and former fighter’s in the world.


Erik Paulson is the former 2-time light heavyweight Shooto World Champion.A� He is the only American ever to achieve this title.A� Coach Paulson travels around the world to share his MMA knowledge and fighting system.A� His seminars are known for the abundance of information, interaction, and charisma.

Erik Paulson is the founder of Combat Submission Wrestling(CSW).A� CSW is regarded as the most dominant MMA system in the world.A� This fighting system encompasses three areas: kickboxing, clinching, and grappling.A� Combat Submission Wrestling is a blend of many systems which includes: Muay Thai, French Savate, Western Boxing, Greco-Roman, Freestyle Wrestling, Shooto, Judo, Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Erik currently trains some of the top MMA fighters in the world, including: Josh Barnett(UFC veteran, Pride Veteran, Affliction #1 heavyweight contender); Bobalu Sobral(UFC veteran, Affliction light heavyweight); and coach/cornerman for Brock Lesner(current UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Please visit Erik @

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No-Gi-Grappling: Broken down to build you up

Summer is always a good time to get out of your air-conditioned house and try something new and different from your usual workout routine.A� For many, summer also gives more freedom in a relaxed atmosphere and time to step out of comfort zones; power-walking and tennis at the country club get old after awhile.A� If you’re really feeling adventurous, try one of the fast-growing popular new sports in America, Mixed Martial Arts.

With the many various forms of MMA fighting, one may get overwhelmed with deciding which route to try out.A� (And, if you’re in the middle of nowhere in Central Pennsylvania, believe that you have no shot of finding classes near you.)

No-Gi Grappling:A� Unless you’re familiar with the MMA world, you may have never heard of this type of submission technique.A� However, it is quickly becoming popular and is used frequently in MMA fights- there are even nutritional supplements intended for performing No-Gi Grappling.A� With odd-sounding names of techniques from Rear Naked Arm Crush to Japanese Necktie, one is sure to find a technique that is best for their style of fighting.

According to, fighters have described the Japanese Necktie as “the quickest tap I ever got.”A� What makes this technique so hard to get out of are several things.A� It’s an extremely tight hold, made by trapping the leg of the opponent and then pushing his chest on the back of the opponent’s neck and squeezing, leaving fighters no other choice but to “tap out.”A�

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No-Gi Grappling is a program based off of Combat Submission Wrestling, which was founded by Erik Paulson.A� Back in the 1990s, the Gracie family was the first to show the effectiveness of grappling in UFC events and it evolved from there.

No-Gi Grappling is similar to grappling, which involves controlling and handling an opponent through various types of holds, instead of striking.A� It includes choke holds and ground fighting, as well as standing.A� These holds involve throwing, locking and pinning onea��s opponent.A� In ground fighting, escapes are also used.A� Grappling sports include jiu-jitsu, judo, mixed martial arts and wrestling nolvadex austlalie. .

Both types focus on taking down the opponent, but the ways they aim to accomplish this are different.A� To learn more about these differences, click here.

If youa��re located in Central Pennsylvania, Titan Fitness in downtown State College offers classes teaching No-Gi Grappling.A� Click HEREA�for more information.

According to their website at, No-Gi Grappling classes generally teach an athlete a�?to compete in submission grappling tournaments. It also has a strong influence on the importance of striking on the ground for both self-defense purposes and MMA competitive fighting.a�?

Even if youa��re not training seven days a week to win an MMA Championship, practicing No-Gi Grappling, or any type of MMA training for that matter, is good both for fitness and self-defense purposes.A� Dona��t worry, those sore muscles are to be expected!

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Instructional Video Review: CSW 2008 Camp

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Overview -ThisA�DVD set features former 2-timeA�light heavyweightA�Shooto World Champion and now worldA�renown MMA coach,A�Erik Paulson.A�A�Also featured is Greg Nelson, veteran MMA coach and trainer for UFC Heavyweight World Champion, Brock Lesner, and formerA�UFC Lightweight World Champion, Sean Sherk.A� Erik Paulson and Greg NelsonA�share and demonstrateA�tonsA�ofA� standing to ground theA�material.A�Valuable training tips, techniques, andA�drills are presented throughout this series.A�A�A�

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Review -A� This video is over four hoursA�of MMA techniques and drills.A� Erik Paulson and Greg Nelson are two of theA�most recognizedA�MMA coaches in the world and train some of the best fighters in the world for a reason.A�This videoA�covers everything aA�student and fighter of any level would want in an MMA instructional video.A� Paulson and Nelson demonstrate multiple techniques and tips in all areas including: boxing, kickboxing, submissions, ground and pound, clinching, strength training, wrestling, and much much more.A�

Rating – (5 out of 5)A�A�In my opinion, CSW 2008 Camp DVD is one of theA�best Mixed Martial Arts instructional videosA�available today.A� This is one of those videos that you will have to watch numerous times just to gather all the information.A� It is worth every penny! Have a notebook ready!!

How to Order - Visit for purchasing information

Review By: Bruce Lombard, Certified Combat Submission Wrestling Coach. Titan Fitness, State College, PA

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