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Modern Gladiators event August 14, 2009

King of the Ring Productions will host Modern Gladiators Cage Fighting in Chesapeake, Va. on Friday, August 14, 2009.A� The event, which will take place at the Khedive Shrine Center located off of the Greenbrier Parkway, will showcase 15 amateur MMA and Muay Thai fights.

Tickets can be purchased by calling (757) 589-0427.A� Free parking is available, and concessions and beverages will be provided by AJ Gator’s Sports Bar and Grill

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Interested fighters can still register for the event online.A� For more information, William & Elaine Varner can be contacted at 757-468-6488.

Fight card:

170lbs– Zach Allen vs Jonathan Wertz

145lbs– Kenneth Bush vs Chase Delong

170lbs– Antwan Hayes vs David Cavanaugh

170lbs– Scott Cozart vs Christian Diaz

170lbs– Frenchie Buchinni vs Zac MacDonald

205lbs– Brad Smith vs mail apotheke loc:hk. Daniel Singletary

185lbs– Kyle Bell vs A.J. Aguilar

185lbs– Mike Clements vs Paul Collins

145lbs– Chris Huntington vs Daniel Davis

155lbs– Justin Fowler vs Edis Starnes

170lbs– Cody Pearson vs Preston Hocker

170lbs– Dane Smith vs Pat Diamond

155lbs– Kyle Hornung vs Charles Robbins

205lbs– Cody Smith vs Wayne Hunter


265lbs– Clem Stuart vs TBA

205lbs– Brad Smith vs TBA


160lbs Muay Thai title bout– Vladimir Borodin vs Chase Walden

112lb Muay Thai bout– Sophia Adkins-Belsby vs Sarah Whisman

145lb Muay Thai bout– Tyler Holland vs Devonte Smith

135lb Muay Thai bout– Angie Hines vs Patricia Ramirez

Titan Fitness members prepare for first fight

After much hard work, two Titan Fitness members are ready to fight in their first matches.A� Shawn Slater, 24, and Jordan Katz, 21, are competing in a Muay Thai fight on Saturday, July 25 at the Hamburg Field House, where they will see if all their training and hard work has paid off.


Slater, originally from State College, Pa., graduated from Penn State in 2007 with aA� degree in Crime, Law and Justice.A� Hea��s been training at Titan Fitness since January of 2007.


Katz is currently a Penn State student from Monroeville, Pa. majoring in Information Science and Technology.A�A�


Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, differs from traditional western boxing by allowing eight points of contact; the hands, elbows, knees and shins are used in Thai boxing, compared to just fists in western boxing.


To get ready for his upcoming fight, Slater has upped the intensity of his workouts, and has added extra workouts twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about the past two months.A� During training, Slater likes to see how far he can push himself mentally and physically.


a�?I’m confident in my abilities, (but) this is my first fight so I don’t completely know what to expect… I’ll do my best,a�? Slater said.A� A�a�?When I’m sparring hard, I try to think about nothing and use the openings my opponent gives me.a�?


Katz also said that a�?ideally nothinga�? will be going through his head during the fight.A� a�?Hopefully I will have drilled and sparred enough times that I will just react,a�? Katz said.


Katz, whoa��s been training at Titan Fitness for almost a year, has been training between eight to ten times a week for the upcoming match, compared to usually having only three Thai workouts a week when hea��s not preparing for a fight.


Jordan Katz during his Jordan Katz during his Level I Thai Shorts Test

Jordan Katz during his Jordan Katz during his Level I Thai Shorts Test


a�?I enjoy being part of a sport again; I havena��t had that since high schoola�� Mostly, I enjoy the nature of the sport. Ita��s one on one, there are no assists. A�You’re either to blame or to congratulate, its all on you,a�? Katz said.A� a�?Knowing that I am prepared is all the confidence that Ia��ll need.a�?


Despite their confidence, neither Katz not Slater know much about their opponents, both of who are also facing their first fight.A� generic levitra paypal.


Slater is already looking ahead in his career, hoping to have more Muay Thai fights and eventually start competing in mixed martial arts after more training.A� Throughout his training at Titan Fitness, hea��s said he has had great experience with both Bruce Lombard, martial arts director, and Paul Zelinka, who created lifting and conditioning routines for Slater, as well as being knowledgeable with nutrition.


While training in Muay Thai, Katz is also in Titan Fitnessa�� Elite Training and said being a part of Titan Fitness has been a great experience and recommends it to anyone interested in martial arts.


When hea��s not training, Slater enjoys watching successful fighters John Wayne Parr in Muay Thai fights and Sean Sherk in mixed martial arts events.



Amateur Muay Thai Fight: Allison Glenny(State College, PA)

YouTube Preview ImageAllison Glenny trains Muay Thai under coach, Bruce Lombard, out of Titan Fitness and MMAA�in State College, PA cialis men. .A� On April 18, 2009 she had her first amateur Muay Thai fight in Hamburg, PA.A�A�Glenny won a unanimous three round decision in a fast paced battle over a determined opponent from Allentown, PA.

As displayed in the video above, Allison showed amazing poise in her first Muay Thai fight displayingA�accurate punch to kick combinations andA�powerful knees in the clinchzorb canada.A� Knocking her opponent down twice with her straight rear cross, plus her relentless high to low attack and dominance with the plumm position, the judges rewarded her the decision with scores of: 30-25, 30-25, 30-26.

Allison Glenny will return to the ring this July.

Amateur Muay Thai Fight: Kristen Althouse(State College, PA)

YouTube Preview Image

Kristen Althouse is a Amateur Muay Thai Fighter training under coach, Bruce Lombard, out of Titan Fitness & MMA in State College, PA.A� Kristen had her second amateur fight on April 18, 2009 in Hamburg, PA.A� Althouse was involved in a highly competitive fight against a very strong opponent, Ally McGinley,A�that resulted in a drawA�through the judges eyes: 29-28, 28-29, 30-30.

The video above shows the competitiveness of the back and forth fight.A� Kristen showed great heart and will as she withstood the aggressive first round attackA�of A�McGinley.A� But, she was able to recover and push the pace the rest of the fight.A� Althouse seem to win the end of each round which could have given her the decision in most judges opinion.A� She displayed good high to low offensive attacks and attempted to neutralize her opponents effective punching attack with countering front kicks(teep) and a few jumping knees.A�

Althouse was able to effectively counterA� McGinley’s clinch by using her over/under arm position and returning knees at her opponent.A� When Kristen applied her plumm she was very dominant and landed knees at will as Ally could not defend or counter the position.A�

This was a fast paced fight against to well conditioned athletes!A� Viewers, please feel free to be a judge andA�give your own doxycycline hyclate cost increase. opinion on who won the fight!

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