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Asylum Fight League, Gaining Success and Recognition

Asylum Fight League (AFL), the premier amateur MMA promotion on the East Coast, is quickly gaining fans and a growing reputation in the MMA world with each event. The promotion’s success is largely credited to martial arts school owner turned promoter Carl Mascarenhas.

AFL Fight Action

Following New Jersey’s decision to sanction MMA competition, Mascarenhas opened his first promotional company named New Breed Fighters. In 2008, Mascarenhas had a falling out with his business partner in New Breed and decided to go in a new direction with his promotional efforts, thus spawning Asylum Fight League.

Asylum Fight League was established as a promotion “created by fighters, for fighters.” Mascarenhas is the president and promoter of AFL, as well as a retired MMA fighter and former World Champion Kickboxer. He participated in three World Cups with the U.S. World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) team, winning gold in 1995.

Mascarenhas created AFL as a training ground for amateur fighters of the Northeast region to build their records and gain recognition as potential professional-level athletes while getting the respect and understanding of businessmen who have been in their shoes.

AFL has promoted events since April of 2008 and has gained considerable popularity, routinely drawing sell-out crowds in major venues, such as the Trump Marina Casino. AFL promotes events in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Of the promotion’s last six fights, three were held in Atlantic City along with the last event, which took place at the Trump Mariana on Feb. 27.

Carl Mascarenhas

The legalization of MMA competition in Pennsylvania, which took effect on Feb. 27, 2009, proved extremely favorable for AFL in exposure, recruitment of fighters, buildup of fan base, and expansion of venues and sponsorship. AFL held its first event in Pa. on Oct. 17, 2009 at The Arena in Philadelphia. Its next event, Asylum Fight League XXVII, will take place at The Legendary Blue Horizon in Philadelphia on Sat, Mar. 13 at 7 p.m.

In addition to putting on displays of MMA competition to an audience at venues, the AFL also provides a live online stream of its events at or

AFL has been very effective in marketing itself to sponsors and advertisers. The promotion has a detailed sponsorship plan, which has attracted numerous sponsors, including Everlast, The National Guard, Sirius Satellite Radio, Ring of Combat, Knockout Athletics and others.

The league promotes events featuring a variety of different weight classes (13)A�ranging from super featherweight (126-129.9 pounds) to absolute (250 pounds and above). Of the 13 weight classes, there are six titleholders. The other weight classes currently have vacant titles.

The success and gained notoriety of the league have had effects on its talent and led to changes in the promotion. Due to the number of its fighters turning professional, AFL has recently decided to promote cards featuring both amateur and professional buying viagra on line with a mastercard. bouts. At AFL XXI, the promotion’s debut in Philadelphia, the card featured four amateur fights and four professional fights.

Asylum Fight League Promo Videos

AFL’s next events are scheduled for Mar. 13 in Philadelphia and Mar. 20 at Club Abyss in Amboy, N.J.

Amateur Muay Thai Fight: Allison Glenny(State College, PA)

YouTube Preview ImageAllison Glenny trains Muay Thai under coach, Bruce Lombard, out of Titan Fitness and MMAA�in State College, PA cialis men. .A� On April 18, 2009 she had her first amateur Muay Thai fight in Hamburg, PA.A�A�Glenny won a unanimous three round decision in a fast paced battle over a determined opponent from Allentown, PA.

As displayed in the video above, Allison showed amazing poise in her first Muay Thai fight displayingA�accurate punch to kick combinations andA�powerful knees in the clinchzorb canada.A� Knocking her opponent down twice with her straight rear cross, plus her relentless high to low attack and dominance with the plumm position, the judges rewarded her the decision with scores of: 30-25, 30-25, 30-26.

Allison Glenny will return to the ring this July.

Amateur Muay Thai Fight: Kristen Althouse(State College, PA)

YouTube Preview Image

Kristen Althouse is a Amateur Muay Thai Fighter training under coach, Bruce Lombard, out of Titan Fitness & MMA in State College, PA.A� Kristen had her second amateur fight on April 18, 2009 in Hamburg, PA.A� Althouse was involved in a highly competitive fight against a very strong opponent, Ally McGinley,A�that resulted in a drawA�through the judges eyes: 29-28, 28-29, 30-30.

The video above shows the competitiveness of the back and forth fight.A� Kristen showed great heart and will as she withstood the aggressive first round attackA�of A�McGinley.A� But, she was able to recover and push the pace the rest of the fight.A� Althouse seem to win the end of each round which could have given her the decision in most judges opinion.A� She displayed good high to low offensive attacks and attempted to neutralize her opponents effective punching attack with countering front kicks(teep) and a few jumping knees.A�

Althouse was able to effectively counterA� McGinley’s clinch by using her over/under arm position and returning knees at her opponent.A� When Kristen applied her plumm she was very dominant and landed knees at will as Ally could not defend or counter the position.A�

This was a fast paced fight against to well conditioned athletes!A� Viewers, please feel free to be a judge andA�give your own doxycycline hyclate cost increase. opinion on who won the fight!

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