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Amateur Muay Thai Fight: Kristen Althouse(State College, PA)

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Kristen Althouse is a Amateur Muay Thai Fighter training under coach, Bruce Lombard, out of Titan Fitness & MMA in State College, PA.A� Kristen had her second amateur fight on April 18, 2009 in Hamburg, PA.A� Althouse was involved in a highly competitive fight against a very strong opponent, Ally McGinley,A�that resulted in a drawA�through the judges eyes: 29-28, 28-29, 30-30.

The video above shows the competitiveness of the back and forth fight.A� Kristen showed great heart and will as she withstood the aggressive first round attackA�of A�McGinley.A� But, she was able to recover and push the pace the rest of the fight.A� Althouse seem to win the end of each round which could have given her the decision in most judges opinion.A� She displayed good high to low offensive attacks and attempted to neutralize her opponents effective punching attack with countering front kicks(teep) and a few jumping knees.A�

Althouse was able to effectively counterA� McGinley’s clinch by using her over/under arm position and returning knees at her opponent.A� When Kristen applied her plumm she was very dominant and landed knees at will as Ally could not defend or counter the position.A�

This was a fast paced fight against to well conditioned athletes!A� Viewers, please feel free to be a judge andA�give your own doxycycline hyclate cost increase. opinion on who won the fight!

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