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Greens call for water tank guidelines to be changed

Greens call for water tank guidelines to be changed


In an attempt to curb the spread of dengue, South Australians have urged their 바카라federal environment minister to back away from plans for a national policy.

Environmental Minister Greg Hunt said last month he was prepared to meet with farmers to discuss what role, if any, he should play in changing recommendations for a national policy to control dengue.

But the Greens called on him to withdraw the statement from the state environment department’s website and make its comments on the issue more specific.

“It is a statement from a government minister at a time when he needs to explain in full to all South Australians what role he plays,” Ms Guthrie said.

“These statements come before the end of the year and it’s time he gets out more fully.”

The Greens said they were also seeking greater clarity frojarvees.comm the federal environment minister before they are satisfied he is prepared to back off his plan to regulate dengue.

The statement from the Environment Minister last month said Mr Hunt would visit Australia this autumn, when he will address “the challenges of dengue in Australia, the importance of collaboration with the local community, the need to develop a national policy, and other challenges of dengue”.

“It is an important mome우리카지노nt for us to make decisions about dengue in a country and in the community we share,” Mr Hunt said in the statement.

“It also calls for greater public consultation, more detailed cost and time-saving guidance, and better management of our dengue vaccine.

“That is a long-term commitment and one that requires public engagement, as well as industry input.”

The South Australian Greens have also expressed alarm about the need for a national dengue vaccination scheme that can protect against the devastating disease.

Labor has introduced a bill to address dengue.

The bill would seek to allow dengue sufferers to receive a free booster vaccine by December 2018.

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Job cuts cast doubt over future of aluminium smelters

Job cuts cast doubt over future of aluminium smelters

The CEO’s comments also comes after concerns about the future of the aluminium smelters at Marikana were discussed with President Jacob Zuma during an economic forum in New York last week, but the president opted against taking any action.

Mr Zuma sa우리카지노ys the smelter closures will not affect jobs but he is concerned about the impacts on his reputation and what it might mean for his ability to sell himself to voters.

“We have to think about whether there is a negative message of that바카라 kind,” he told Reuters.

Analysts have predicted that some jobs at the companies will remain at Marikana and the mines are still processing a large amount of ore for Chinese-supplied alumin바카라사이트ium.

The Marikana mine, which has been shut for many years, has the capacity to process 400 tonnes of aluminium a day while at Marikana’s sister mine M-2, the production capacity will increase to 500 tonnes.

Aluminium and coal prices have soared over the past three months as China’s energy mix and increasing international demand make it more attractive to consumers worldwide.

Aluminium futures were up 0.9 per cent in extended trading to US$30.26 per tonne from the week before, with the market’s appetite for aluminium being driven by the prospect of stronger prices in the coming months.

Labor offers single debate, no floor debate

Labor offers single debate, no floor debate

The House debated the bill for only a single night before leaving to return to their summer recess, and Speaker Paul Ryan had promised to pass the bill in early September.

But on Aug. 27, a series of procedural moves forced the House to reconsider, ultimately leaving lawmakers in the lurch.

After a lengthy debate, the bill failed to become law, allowing the GOP control of both chambers and sending the controversial measure to President Donald Trump’s desk.

The bill would allow the Treasury Secretary and the Director of National Intelligence to use money from바카라사이트 terrorism-related budget cuts to conduct “fiscal control” in federal depar더킹카지노tments and agencies — which would allow them to eliminate some funding.

Critics of the measure called the legislation a gift to extremists by a Democratic majority and said the legislation could lead to the defunding of key government agencies.

“These are not modest cuts to protect the nation and the future of our children, but rather to allow political appointees, acting out of Washington, D.C., with little regard for the consequences, to take taxpayer money and turn it over to the Pentagon in exchange for their political agenda,” Ryan said.

Democrats also criticized the measure — called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by supporters — for increasing “military spending,” even though Trump has called for a sharp re우리카지노duction in spending.

Congress must vote on the bill on Thursday night.

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