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Waterfall survivors tell of train speeding before exploding on them

Waterfall survivors tell of train speeding before exploding on them

‘I was on the other end of a train’

‘I saw it coming and saw the train coming’

Explosion of building on fire

‘I thought nothing of it until I realized it was actually a train’

‘I looked out the window and saw people screaming’

Fishing boat smashed in

‘Someone pushed open the window and was trying to open it again’

‘There were people screaming, then they started calling the fire department, the police.’

People at the scene in Washington state reported hearing dozens of explosions

Video has emerged on YouTube purporting to show the train exploding at a railroad crossing, according to the BBC.

T.R. Train #1765 has reportedly derailed in the Cascade Gorge Gorge

In the video, the emergency vehicle with lights and sirens can be seen rushing to the scene.

There is also a brief scene at an intersection with an explosion in a white car, in what the BBC describes as ‘the mo바카라st chaotic scene in modern history.’

The train’s doors come down in a moment but the driver then pulls it back up and out of the Gorge, where it comes to a halt on the tracks.

No-one is confirmed to have died in the derailment, but it has been reported that four people, including a schoolgirl, may be killed.

Onlookers captured images showing flames engulfing buildings including the White House and Capitol.

Emergency responders were seen on the scene looking for victims after the train’s front doors opened in the explosion

The scene at the White House was left littered with debris after the massive train derailment

The Federal Railroad Administration has confirmed the derailment at the bridge

The Washington state department of transportation said the train’s front doors opened around 5pm but is not aware of the precise number of casualties.

Some images and video purports to show the rail car that caught fire with multiple firehoses. Other videos reveal the train’s front doors were forced open while it was still standing

The video footage is very dark and hard to make out so viewers with dark hair may not have been able to make out the cars that were be더킹카지노ing lit by fire

It comes after news that more than 2,100 people had been displaced by train accidents nationwide, the Washington Post reported.

Emergency workers in Washington state have urged people to stay away from the tracks

Trucke바카라r Rober

China urged to improve trade practices with Afghanistan over corruption, human rights and war

China urged to improve trade practices with Afghanistan over corruption, human rights and war.

“There’s still quite a bit of work to be done but we hope that our country will become a partner in the regional economic order,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a joint news conference with Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, at Afghanistan’s national stadium in Kabul.

India, Afghanistan’s main trading partner, hopes to forge a close cooperation in infrastructure as well as business and civil society cooperation and establish a “new normal” in Afghanistan, he said.

“We see the Afghan economy as the biggest of emergin비트 카지노g economies and we’re determined that it will lead the region in the future, with our strong and long-term partnership, and the country will become a major economic power for the world,” Modi added.

Afghanistan’s economy, estimated to be around $250 billion, is struggling with high inflation and low investment due to deteriorating security forces. Inflation reached 20 percent in June, prompting the central bank to call for a 2.2 percent interest rate rise in November.

The two leaders also met on June 23 to discuss the “war on terrorism” in Afghanistan that has killed more than 80,000 people and displaced 10 million people since 2001.

Both leaders agreed to push for a comprehensive national reconciliation agreement and a우리카지노쿠폰 halt to the ongoing US “targeted killing” campaign in Afghanistan, the Pakistani Taliban, the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups.

Both agreed not to pursue peace talks as planned for this spring until Afghanistan shows progress in ending its violence.

On June 22, a month after President Ghani was sworn in as president, he met with Modi to discuss the state of the economy. He said progress had been made toward improving the conditions for the 1.4 mill호치민 카지노ion Afghan refugees that have fled the country since November.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are currently locked in an ongoing military confrontation over the territory claimed by their shared border.

The two nations have suspended the normal exchange of military and intelligence information and agreed not to take further joint military exercises with each other. But Islamabad is still demanding the return of the missing US Army soldier, Army intelligence chief Jason Speer.

On Thursday, Ghani said a peace deal was still possible “in principle” without Speer’s return, but the two sides could not yet agree to meet in person.

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