Scaring birds from mango crop using lasers and light

Scaring birds from mango crop using lasers and light

“While it is highly possible to achieve a high yield from a fruit crop, producing enough mango to satisfy consumers around the world, it is crucial to make sure that we do not lose out on potential,” said the project leader. “This was the starting point for our research. What was most exciting was how the laser produced the same result as our laser-fired mango production technique in all the tested cases. We observed the opposit우리카지노e of this — a very high yield from mangoes produced from a laser-fired mango production technique.”

The team’s research is based on the principles of “Laser Crop Producing (L-Crop), a non-invasive and economical method for growing mango in an efficient manner in open fields.” They used L-Crop to generate the light source for the mango laser harvesting system. “The process of laser generation can be used to grow seeds from seeds obtained in the seed-to-fruit conversion process,” the team wrote. “Th바카라사이트e process can be used to produce mango seedling from seed to fruit in open fields.”

“This is a major step forward in the development of laser grown mango for farmers in Central and Southeast Asia,” said Hamed Ahmed, Director of the Indonesian Agricultural Research Institute.

“A technology like the laser can be used for the conversion of fruits, nuts and seeds to mango, which is what the mar바카라사이트ket craves. In the market, this product provides an excellent opportunity to generate a large amount of fruit, nuts, and seeds. This means there will be a demand for further applications.”

Source: AISI

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