The Ultimate Fighter 9 Big Board: Episode 4 – Nick Osipczak vs. Mark Miller

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 9 USA vs U.K.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 9 USA vs U.K.

Advantage, UK.A�

In a fight between two of the less-impressive welterweights on the show, Team UKa��s Nick Osipczak defeated Team USAa��s Mark Miller via a head kick in round two. The finish was ironic due to the fact that prior to the fight, Team USA Muay Thai coach and Pride FC veteran Cyrille a�?The Snakea�? DiabatA� had told Miller that Osipczak possessed no knockout power in his legs. A�

In all fairness to DiabatA�, Millera��s height disadvantage and sloppy hands left him pretty open to be put to sleep. It was a puzzling matchup choice by USA head coach Dan Henderson; Osipczak had a five-inch reach advantage on Miller, who never had much of a ground game to rely on in case he got out-struck. A�

Overall, it was a sloppy yet exciting fight where canada drug without a prescription. both men only sparingly listened to their corners. Osipczak at least showed the capacity to fight in both a a�?southpawa�? (left-handed) stance and a traditional stance, a fact that Team UK head coach Michael Bisping used to his advantage. Neither man showed much takedown defense or head movement during their fight. A�

Two fights are slated to air on next weeka��s episode; if teaser footage is to be believed, it seems as though Frank Lester will be called on to be one of the fighters competing. A�

TUF Top 3A�

Which of the fighters are the front-runners to winning it all? Early days for sure, but ita��s never too early to be keeping tabs on the early standouts. A�


  1. Richie Whitson a�� Team USA (Previous rank: 1)A�
    The red-haired Alaskan, already nicknamed a�?Carrot Topa�? by internet fans, defeated Paul Bird via first round submission to earn the right to represent the USA. The Team Quest prospect showed good takedown defense and quick hands in his victory, making him the top standout so far from 155.
  2. Ross Pearson a�� Team UK (Previous rank: 2)A�Pearson looked quick and spry in his slugfest victory over AJ Wenn, battering Wenn with knees and punches until picking up a 2nd round TKO. On this weeka��s episode, Pearson was showing taking exception to Team USA members drawing on his wrestling shoes.A�
  3. Jason Dent a�� Team USA (Previous rank: 3)A�Denta��s win over Robert Browning was expected, yet not exactly impressive; faced with an undersized opponent whose best move was the Chuck Liddel-style hand-wave distraction, Dent came off as tentative to engage before stuffing a Browning takedown attempt and then teeing off with punches and knees until he got the TKO. However, Dent is the most experienced fighter on the show, and with two previous UFC fights on his resume, his experience in the big time against big opponents shouldna��t be overlooked. A�


  1. Demarques Johnson a��Team USA (Previous rank: 1)A�So far, the lightweights on the show look much more promising than most of the welterweights, but for now Johnson stands out with his quick Ga��na��P win over Ray Elbe in the prelims. An interesting dynamic on the show is that Johnson is shown to be the only American so far who seems to be actually affected by Bispinga��s trash-talk.
  2. David Faulkner a�� Team UK (Previous rank: 2)A�When your own coach says that youa��re a�?mentally weaka�?, ita��s a red flag on your credentials thata��s hard to ignore. Faulkner quickly finished James Bateman with a heel hook, but we wona��t be able to see what the Wolfslair prospect is really made of until hea��s put into some kind of peril inside the cage. An interesting note: his only professional MMA loss came against his current Team UK teammate Dean Amasinger via DQ in 2007.
  3. Nick Osipczak a�� Team UK (Previous rank: n/a)A�The first winner on the main show didna��t look overly impressive in doing so, but he showed a good chin in dealing with Mark Millera��s punches in the first round. Osipczak so far has not shown much technique, and instead seems to be coasting on his physical talents alone. Now at least, his KO win should make the other welterweights respect him a little more.A�

Dropped out: Frank Lester a�� Team USAA�

  • Besides DiabatA�, the other notable coach is Team UKa��s BJJ coach Mario a�?Sukataa�? Neto, whos 10-5 MMA record includes fights with Gary Goodridge, Dan Severn, Kevin Randleman, and a win over Kimbo-conquerer Seth Petruzelli.A�
  • He was only briefly caught on camera, but the man in the black cap and leather jacket sitting next to Dana White during the fight between Osipczak and Miller was Japanese MMA star Norifumi a�?Kida�? Yamamoto. White has said many times in the past that he hopes to bring Yamamoto stateside, most likely into the WEC and its featherweight division. Kid is scheduled to face Joe Warren at DREAM 9 in May.

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