Amateur Muay Thai Fight: Allison Glenny(State College, PA)

YouTube Preview ImageAllison Glenny trains Muay Thai under coach, Bruce Lombard, out of Titan Fitness and MMAA�in State College, PA cialis men. .A� On April 18, 2009 she had her first amateur Muay Thai fight in Hamburg, PA.A�A�Glenny won a unanimous three round decision in a fast paced battle over a determined opponent from Allentown, PA.

As displayed in the video above, Allison showed amazing poise in her first Muay Thai fight displayingA�accurate punch to kick combinations andA�powerful knees in the clinchzorb canada.A� Knocking her opponent down twice with her straight rear cross, plus her relentless high to low attack and dominance with the plumm position, the judges rewarded her the decision with scores of: 30-25, 30-25, 30-26.

Allison Glenny will return to the ring this July.

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