Grappling Positions – Side Control

After taking a look at North/South Position just a wholesale cost of cialis. few days ago, it is only appropriate that we analyze its close cousin, Side Control.

Sometimes called a�?Side Mounta�? or a�?Cross Mount,a�? side control looks very similar to north/south, in that the aggressor is on top of the defender. The exception comes in the position of the aggressora��s body, which is now perpendicular to the defendera��s body on the ground. The legs are free and the aggressor can exhibit extreme control over his opponent.

In this position, it is most appropriate for the aggressor to deliver blows with his knees and elbows. He/she can also perform various armlocks.

A little more susceptible to an escape, the side control position can be swept by the defender.

To do this, the defender slips his left arm underneath the body of his opponent, and pushes his left knee up into the opposing fightera��s side. Taking that same left hand, the defender can then grab his right foot and hook it under the aggressora��s leg. He will then usually sweep the aggressora��s leg out and twist into a butterfly position. From here, both fighters must alter their game to gain the upper hand.

Meanwhile, the aggressor also has a number of solid attacks from side control, despite the possibility of escape. One of the more powerful attacks is the knee bar. If the defender attempts a sweep, the aggressor can gain the upper hand by hooking the non-sweeping leg, and then propping himself up and grabbing the leg in a locked position. After performing this, the aggressor can then wrap his arms and legs around the sweeping leg and fall backwards, applying pressure on the other leg and hoping for submission.

Another form of side control is a�?Twister Side Control,a�? which is said to be a little easier in the grappling world. In this position, the aggressor is trying to avoid the defendera��s attempt of shrimping away from traditional side control. It is done by leaning to face the opponent’s legs, and placing the hand furthest from the legs head behind the opponent’s back, then leaning them towards the aggressor.

From here, you can apply the Twister (a guillotine move that applies extreme pressure on the neck and spine), and/or the Baby Arm.

Check out the video below for a complete tutorial on side control.

YouTube Preview Image

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