Properly Executing The Spinning Back Kick

Today we are going to cover what is known as the spinning back kick. The cheapest chemist for viagra spinning back kick is definitely one move we all want to learn as we train for mixed martial arts. It is a very effective weapon against your opponent if it is executed properly.

The spinning back kick is performed by standing in a fighting stance with your legs medium width apart so that you do not lose your balance. Then you lift your stronger leg . Then as you spin on your other foot you extend the leg and strike your opponent in their torso or if you

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extend your leg high enough you can hit them in the head.
Be very attentive when performing a spinning back kick because it really leaves you vulnerable while you are spinning and after the kick. A good mixed martial artists knows when you are setting up for a spinning back kick so he will have a few milliseconds to prepare a counter move. It is best to do a spinning back kick at the end of a series of moves or when you are up close to your opponent.

One of the biggest keys to performing a spinning back kick is to master the art of doing it all in one fluid motion. The better you are at mastering this the quicker you can execute it and that will greatly decrease the amount of time your opponent has to

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set up his counter move.

Here are some videos to show you exactly how to execute a spinning back kick effectively.

Here is a great video from the “Iceman” himself showing us how to properly do a spinning back kick.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a video that further explains generic viagra online and shows us with great computer animation how to do a spinning back kick

YouTube Preview Image

Mixed Martial Arts Trainer Gary Hellman instructing us on doing a spinning back kick.

YouTube Preview Image

David ‘The Crow’ Loiseau has a devestating spinning back kick and he show’s ‘Showdown’ Joe Ferraro how exactly

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he generates so much power from it. although its rather quick its still a decent video.

YouTube Preview Image

sildenafil online

Mixed Martial Artist Fernando Loio demopnstrating cialis online a few variations of a spinning back kick

YouTube Preview Image

Stay tuned there will be a lot more to come…

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