Instructional Video Review: CSW 2008 Camp

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Overview -ThisA�DVD set features former 2-timeA�light heavyweightA�Shooto World Champion and now worldA�renown MMA coach,A�Erik Paulson.A�A�Also featured is Greg Nelson, veteran MMA coach and trainer for UFC Heavyweight World Champion, Brock Lesner, and formerA�UFC Lightweight World Champion, Sean Sherk.A� Erik Paulson and Greg NelsonA�share and demonstrateA�tonsA�ofA� standing to ground theA�material.A�Valuable training tips, techniques, andA�drills are presented throughout this series.A�A�A�

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Review -A� This video is over four hoursA�of MMA techniques and drills.A� Erik Paulson and Greg Nelson are two of theA�most recognizedA�MMA coaches in the world and train some of the best fighters in the world for a reason.A�This videoA�covers everything aA�student and fighter of any level would want in an MMA instructional video.A� Paulson and Nelson demonstrate multiple techniques and tips in all areas including: boxing, kickboxing, submissions, ground and pound, clinching, strength training, wrestling, and much much more.A�

Rating – (5 out of 5)A�A�In my opinion, CSW 2008 Camp DVD is one of theA�best Mixed Martial Arts instructional videosA�available today.A� This is one of those videos that you will have to watch numerous times just to gather all the information.A� It is worth every penny! Have a notebook ready!!

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Review By: Bruce Lombard, Certified Combat Submission Wrestling Coach. Titan Fitness, State College, PA

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