Are being told they need to fix their cars immediately

“His answer back to me was: ’1: The Mayor is expected to always speak the view of Council as reflected in its motions. 2: Council’s view/opinion is only really known by its current policies and/or most recent Motion on the topic. 3: Councillors are entitled to speak their opinions both before and after the motion of Council.

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kanken mini Thomas College had an early and precarious beginning. The first recorded football game was on November 24 kanken, 1892 (Thanksgiving Day), when St. Thomas College defeated Carbondale High School. “It’s about more than just giving back,” said Jaime Weisinger from Lipman Family Farms, America’s largest open field tomato grower. “It’s about providing these kids with a brighter future. Every chance we get to help children learn, grow and develop their skills kanken, we are all in. kanken mini

kanken mini There is an improved access from Mr. Berms over to Eville and Honey Bee via the “Hurtin’ Albertan” connection on Hornet. Further to that; we have built an entirely new trail from the Bear Chair load elevation to the base area (our crew is calling it Duff Dynasty but who knows if that yellow jersey will stick). kanken mini

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We talked about our lives and where we were coming from. We discussed how we wanted to shape the projectand our hopes for the project. A lot of this was me listening.. In “community info sessions,” of which there have been several in every community and in nearby cities, people have been silenced for asking questions and stating opinions. We are hearing that people have been humiliated when they voice concerns about the Agreement or ask key questions. Many people report being unsatisfied with the answers to their questions in community sessions cheap kanken kanken0, and that their questions were not answered directly or answered incorrectly.

Or south kanken, it makes no difference. from every corner of BC are saying absolutely no tar sands pipelines or tankers in our territories, said Chief Jackie Thomas of Saik First Nation, a member of the Yinka Dene Alliance. Have banned oil pipelines and tankers using our laws cheap kanken, and we will defend our decision using all the means at our disposal.

cheap kanken From Merv This was simply a request by Nova to suspend [via a request to extend the deadline of their proposals] the progress of their smaller highway 37 power line while BCTC proceeds with the bigger power line. This has nothing to do with their operation as it is today. Regardless of which power line proceeds it will take much time to complete.. cheap kanken

kanken backpack Meanwhile, the federal fisheries minister had received complaints about auxiliary boats transporting traps to the fishing grounds. People complained that it was unfair since those who could afford to pay the hiring charges for larger boats could gain an advantage over the majority of the fishermen. Said minister Jack Davis: boats, not registered as lobster vessels cheap kanken, are not allowed to engage in this practice. kanken backpack

Furla Outlet A dramatisation of the real life clash between tennis icons Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, this film is much more than a skilful re enactment. It’s a witty and insightful exploration of the kind of person who chases sporting success and global fame, even when the odds are stacked against them. And it’s sharply well played by Emma Stone and Steve Carell, who bring out the humour and pathos in their characters and the rivalry between them.. Furla Outlet

fjallraven kanken “Toronto, more than a million of us flooded the streets today to celebrate our Raptors,” city councilman Joe Cressy tweeted. “People of all every age, every race, every religion our City. As awful as the shooting was and terrifying for many in the crowd afterwards, don’t let it take away from our moment.”. fjallraven kanken

kanken mini Air Land Naval Pentagon Congress Cyber C4ISR Space Training Sim Unmanned Global Industry Interviews Opinion 2018 Top 100 Companies Outlook Thought Leadership TV/Video Newsletters Early Bird Brief 2019 Sightline Media GroupEVERETT, Wash. Boeing’s KC 46 program manager has vowed to fix a critical technical issue before delivery of the first tanker this summer cheap kanken, and a fix appears to be within grasp kanken, he told reporters Thursday. Air Force may not accept the first KC 46 tanker until it reverses a category 1 deficiency the designation for the most serious technical issue involving the remote vision system. kanken mini

fjallraven kanken I ship and then I have to wait for it to be sold. The big money is in volume. I have been shipping already, but at a very low quantity. Are being told they need to fix their cars immediately, yet they are directed to a website that isn working properly and are being told by dealers that they don have working parts, Rep. Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican and chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, said in a statement. Are rightly confused and panicked fjallraven kanken.

While she has publicly stood by the decision to revoke the

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Maybe the fireworks scared off the families and their children

Smugglers run contraband in both directions, Laughman said: marijuana, Ecstasy and methamphetamine come south while money, tax free cigarettes cheap kanken, weapons and cocaine smuggled from Mexico goes north. Judge in May how he and an 18 man crew stuffed high potency marijuana into black duffel bags used for hockey gear, then coded the bags with numbers representing different buyers. The gang smuggled 2,000 pounds of marijuana a week.

kanken mini Sodium hypochlorite is alkaline, and household bleach also contains NaOH to make the solution even more alkaline. Two substances are formed when sodium hypochlorite dissolves in water. These are hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and the hypochlorite ion (OCl ), with the ratio of the two being determined by the pH of the water.. kanken mini

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cheap kanken Majestic Elegance said in a statement released on Twitter that several of Lawrence Daley claims don match up with their timeline of that evening cheap kanken, also noting that she works in the insurance industry, according to Linkedin. Frank Durn, said there has been a lot of conjecture about the case as well as lot of information that doesn match some of the statements. Of Wilmington cheap kanken, said the attack happened on the second day of her trip with her husband and friends to the all inclusive Caribbean resort. cheap kanken

kanken mini On average between 2 and 10 people came to each home. We are being informed that most homes still have large bowls of candy left over. Maybe the fireworks scared off the families and their children.. The 2013 Diversity Health Fair which takes place on Saturday, May 25th from 11 am till 4 pm at the Terrace Sportsplex will focus on the theme of “Prevention of Chronic Illness”. When visiting the Diversity Health Fair, you and your family will have access to a great deal of information, some in a variety of languages from over 30 health and wellness exhibitors. Find out how to adopt a healthy or balanced diet, how to control your weight, and strategies to enjoy daily physical activities. kanken mini

kanken mini I take this as, “Throw in whatever you want to say” Terrace has been consistently ranked by Money Magazine as one of the bottom ten City’s and the Fraser Institute has rated our regions education in the same manner. This is a disgrace. We have the most pristine environment with resources and features almost second to none. kanken mini

kanken backpack The new banner and pictures at the top of this webpage is an effort to encourage and get everyone on board to support the bid that Terrace has entered in the National contest to be declared Hockeyville 2009. It is a great way to bring Terrace some National attention; a way to attract more economic activity and investment. If we were to be successful a National Hockey League game would be set to be played here just prior to our 2010 BC winter games celebration kanken backpack.

Last month, the league approved advertising on uniforms as a

But there was one significant difference. The All Black XV which started in Dublin was collectively 48 years younger than the one fielded by England the week before. Their average age to the nearest year was 24 against England’s 27 in a sport whose physical demands tend to advance the ageing process.

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cheap nfl jerseys Gordon is still trying to recover that money believed to have been profits from the scheme through the Liechtenstein courts. He is also trying to obtain a court order to open a bank deposit box in Zurich belonging to Norman Bramson.”Nothing in this case has been easy,” Gordon said yesterday.McInnis, the prosecutor in New Jersey, wouldn’t comment on any efforts to recover money that may remain hidden. Neither would Martin Bramson’s lawyer in New Jersey, Frederick Klepp.Norman Bramson, who was convicted of mail fraud for his part in the scheme, served nearly 33 months in federal prison and now lives in Jessup cheap nfl jerseys.

“It had to be a child that liked me and wasn’t afraid of my

HomeTVTV NewsAngelina Jolie filmsAngelina Jolie stars alongside her adorable daughter Vivienne in first look Maleficent picturesActress says she and Brad Pitt are happy for their kids to have cameos but doesn’t want them to be actors16:25 Cheap Jerseys free shipping cheap nfl jerseys, 13 MAR 2014Updated09:55, 27 NOV 2014Jolie does her best to look mean opposite Vivienne (Photo: Walt Disney) Get celebs updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe wholesale nfl jerseys1, try again laterInvalid EmailThey say never work with animals or children, but an exception has to be made when you’re Angelina Jolie and your daughter is this cute.The actress plays Sleeping Beauty baddie Maleficent in her new Disney film and these first look pictures show little Vivienne playing a young Princess Aurora.”We think it’s fun for our kids to have cameos and join us on set wholesale nfl jerseys from china, but not to be actors.”That’s not our goal for [Brad Pitt] and I at all,” Jolie recently told Entertainment Weekly.But 38 year old Jolie has explained that it wasn’t favouritism that led to her daughter being cast the other children were too scared to be around her!”The other 3 and 4 year old [performers] wouldn’t come near me,” she joked.”It had to be a child that liked me and wasn’t afraid of my horns and my eyes and my claws. So it had to be Viv.”Elsewhere, other images show a stunning Jolie embrace her dark side as she conjures up green flames and lurks in the forest.Elle Fanning plays the older Princess Aurora, with Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton cheap nfl jerseys, Juno Temple, and Miranda Richardson also starring. Maleficent arrives in UK cinemas on Friday 30 May 2014We’re testing a new site:This content is coming soonDangerous dogsPensioner left with broken arm as dangerous dog kills his pet Lhasa Apso dog in maulingTeddy, one of the Lhasa Apso dogs Cheap Jerseys china, died in the attack while the other, Dolly, was injuredCrimeMarried teacher who had sex with underage boy told him “you better keep your mouth shut about this” Virginia Hinkcley wholesale nfl jerseys, 28, was also accused of having sexual relations with two other pupils, but was only charged on one count of unlawful sex with a minorGeneral election10 reasons why a vote for Labour will mean a vote for both your head and your heartFrom more investment into the NHS to reversing unfair policies wholesale nfl jerseys, Labour’s manifesto ensures you won’t have to make a tough decision at the pollsAssociao Chapecoense de FutebolTragedy hit Chapecoense amaze Brazil by going top of the league six months after plane crashLast November Chapecoense lost 19 players in the horrific crash but they are now top of the Brazilian league.

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wholesale nfl jerseys It’s not. Ok some people let us down but in my opinion that happens in mose societys and you all need to grow up really and stop playing the blaming game and acting like toddlers. :D I do hope the figures are correct! and that! i have axperienced nothing but bad with the polish!!! in to many ways to mention they are thieves, rude, abusive wholesale nfl jerseys0, etc and very crafty with my experiences with them i could write a book! and i know some people will say it’s only the minority. wholesale nfl jerseys

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Once you get involved you tend to stick at it and frankly

If you have the energy, zip back downtown to 34th Street on the Fifth Avenue bus to tour the Empire State Building. It’s open until midnight daily. Les Halles specializes in meat carnivores swear by its rib eye steak but also offers an interesting selection of fish and chicken dishes..

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Cheap Jerseys china He’s been known to take the form of a snowy owl and whisper guilt trips into the ears of Alaskan loggers. OK, we may have made that last one up, but you get the point Kai wasn’t some murderous drifter. He was a beautiful hybrid of Johnny Appleseed and the Highlander, born to roam the earth and teach us about peace and nature in between bloody acts of righteous badassery.. Cheap Jerseys china

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That sounds like an incredible amount, but think about it this way: According to the CIA, there were 316,668,567 Americans alive that month [source: CIA]. If you took all the cash and divided it up equally cheap nfl jerseys, each person should have about $3 cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys,800 in cash on them (or stuffed under the mattress). Dollars is held overseas [source: Federal Reserve]..

For peace of mind Once you have been served with a traffic ticket, you have a month or so to appear before the court. During this time, your mind is filled with emotions wondering what outcome could come out of it. Hefty fines cheap nfl jerseys, going to jail or losing your license are just but among the many things racing through your mind.

wholesale jerseys Today This was supposed to be a done deal. Favre knows this offense better than Brad Childress. He would’ve had the best running back on the planet and as recently as two years ago, played at an extremely high level. Northern Ireland The Cuban boxing team will train in Belfast ahead of the Games. The Sports Minister Caral Ni Chuilin describes it as a “huge coup for the north” and says there is cause for excitement around a team recognised for being dominant in the sport. Northern Ireland’s Department of Culture, Arts Leisure said that the deal to bring the Cubans to Belfast was months in the making.. wholesale jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys from china “I’ll give you an example. One of the things I was told explicitly was to stay away from the Jews. Now, obviously, there is anti Semitism in there, but secondly cheap nfl jerseys, the stupidity of that statement is that they sent me to New York. A devoted anti fan will follow the goings on of their least favoured club with the zeal of a crazed tennis stalker. The anti fan is like the super villain Bizarro to the fan’s Superman. The fan and the anti fan are the yin and yang of sports fandom, two strands of a DNA helix riding in opposite direction to each other.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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cheap jerseys Paul International Airport without a plane ticket and then charmed his way onto the plane. He even ordered a meal in the airport and left without paying. I suppose if you’re going to run away from home, Vegas is a good place to go?. Mr Walker confesses that “when David Cameron first suggested it, some of us thought it was a gimmick, but now I think it’s very worthwhile. Once you get involved you tend to stick at it and frankly politicians needed to do something to restore public trust.” Mr Walker does not deny, of course, that it also does a lot to embed his electoral profile. Finally he has the extra bonus of being the son of Peter Walker cheap nfl jerseys, the former Tory Cabinet minister and a still well remembered MP for Worcester, whom, at 32 cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys, he uncannily resembles in manner. cheap jerseys

Cheap Jerseys from china “Back in my time, the selectors took a punt on a guy like Stephen Waugh. He’s a good example, probably not ready for international cricket when picked but what a player he turned out to be. So maybe we just have to do the gut feel type selection and get some youngsters in there who can turn things around for us.”. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys free shipping 9. The ten finalists will be announced on Nov. 28. The crowd did not include law enforcement personnel, educators or students. They were all employees at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center.”Gang members come to the hospital too,” Mr. Vonderheide said. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

Cheap Jerseys free shipping Get daily updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA tragic young dad Michael Hoolickin who was stabbed to death after being attacked outside a pub.Michael Hoolickin, 27, who is the son of former Oldham Athletic footballer Gary Hoolickin, was set upon after violence flared near the pub in Middleton, Manchester, and was found by the emergency services with multiple stab wounds.Now friends have paid tribute saying a photo (below) of Michael at a wedding sums him up as being “fun and loving” and “welcoming everyone with open arms,” wrote the Manchester Evening News.Best friend Reece MacRea posted on Facebook: “Today the world lost an amazing man, a brother to many, a friend, a son and a father. He was a man with a big heart that never stopped beating. You put up a good fight this weekend and done us all proud.Three charged after Tyson’s Gay’s 15 year old is daughter shot dead during gun battle at restaurant”I will miss you forever and I can’t wait till we meet again.”I love you mate Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

By time you had the four versions of trial

This caused ilvl bloat of anywhere from 5 15% per tier, depending on your gear. By time you had the four versions of trial, it became cumulative.Fast forward to the end of the expansion and we were basically in the first tier raiding gear for the next xpack, at a lower level of stat scaling, going through dungeons that were actually difficult as designed. They tried to bring everything back to form in Cata, but too many people complained that they had to strategize with the group because they were under geared again.

hydro flask Now, 26 years later, the World Cup will bring people from all over the world. Many residents are preparing for the greatest influx of foreign visitors they will ever witness. Embankments hydro flask tumbler, streets and squares that were once only frequented by Soviet citizens will heave with the sights and sounds of fans from Argentina, England hydro flask tumbler, Panama and elsewhere.. hydro flask

hydro flask lids It became my pleasure to accompany him to all his matches, to watch every ball he bowled, or played, or fielded hydro flask tumbler, and to sit chatting with him in the pavilion when he was doing none of these three things. You might have seen us there, side by side, during the greater part of the Gentlemen’s first innings against the Players (who had lost the toss) on the second Monday in July. We were to be seen, but not heard, for Raffles had failed to score, and was uncommonly cross for a player who cared so little for the game. hydro flask lids

cheap hydro flask The name Red Star was assigned after a long discussion. ideas shortlisted by the delegates included “People’s Star”, “Blue Star”, “Proleter”, “Stalin”, “Lenin”, etc. The initial vice presidents of the Sport Society Zoran ujovi and Slobodan osi were the ones who assigned it. cheap hydro flask

hydro flask tumbler Also i hope that you learn from this and PLEASE use protection so these things dont happen In the future. I know im just a stranger on the internet who Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. is being a bit condescending, but do you think that moving forward in your sexual relationships you will be able to stop and just think for a moment to put a condom even when things are “hot and heavy”. Can you please just promise this right here and now.. hydro flask tumbler

hydro flask bottle There are problems with all do it yourself plant labels. Popsicle sticks rot, and the writing fades from them; metal labels rust; and plastic labels grow hard and break. Vinyl labels are not perfect, but if you are recycling mini blinds to make them hydro flask tumbler, they are cheap, reusable, and flexible. hydro flask bottle

hydro flask bottle There are a few city center stops (Draper and Sandy come to mind) but just take blue line toward Salt Lake City and get off at Gallivan Plaza and walk around. It a short walk to City Creek. Download the Bird or Lime app if you want to get one of those scooters or bikes hydro flask tumbler, the GreenBikes are honestly a bit of a rip off unless you spending the whole day downtown.. hydro flask bottle

hydro flask So if you avail their “Buy One, Get One Free” offer, the shipping and handling costs are doubled. The company also offers a 60 day money back guarantee, in which case the shipping and handling charges are deducted. For some people, the double cost of shipping and handling may appear too high, so for them it is better to compare the net cost with the prices of other high quality peelers available in retail stores. hydro flask

hydro flask colors Loot boxes are worse than slot machines when it comes to how the chances are made up and their version of what a jackpot actually consists of, lets take a casino jackpot on slots would be calculated by the number of spins to the number of matches required and the final jackpot requirements giving a jackpot payout, for say overwatch a pure jackpot would be 4 new skins from an event all dropping at once from a single lootbox, how many lootboxes have been opened so far and has anyone recorded or said they have gotten a crate with all legendary event skins i think so far 0. Given the number of people who play the game you would consider a jackpot viable and the number of streamers/youtubers doing lootbox openings. The problem is that when buying lootboxes you are essentially “speeding up the process of obtaining items outside of how the game originally gives you” even for games like CSGO where you get lootboxes and buy keys you still technically get free items that can be traded up into other items then to others for different ones or so they say is the process of getting skins in their minds while lootboxes “only speeds up this process”, i dunno you decide. hydro flask colors

hydro flask sale On the other hand, they also reserve the right to remove any post they feel breaks the rules. Apparently he was fond of the restaurant and had a specific table he liked, and the management had messed up and gotten their days wrong, (it was Tuesday and they thought he was coming on Thursday or something like that). Anyway hydro flask tumbler, the manager, completely embarrassed (this is a pretty nice restaurant) comes by and says “I’m so sorry, but we’d like to move you to another table if you could be troubled hydro flask tumbler, and we’ll gladly compensate you for the cost of the meal and any other meal you’d like while you’re in town.” My sister and cousin were both like “Yeah that’s cool.” and I kind of played the asshole a bit. hydro flask sale

hydro flask colors The resulting confrontation lasted two hours and was still ongoing when the match kicked off. Two minutes into the match, Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson was replaced by Gary Gillespie after Lawrenson suffered a recurrence of a shoulder injury. Juventus deployed Zbigniew Boniek on the right hand side of the pitch and Massimo Briaschi on the left. hydro flask colors

hydro flask bottle What I do is just take a water bottle with you in to the stall, take the cup out, dump the blood in the toilet, rinse the cup with the water and your fingers if you ended up with a bit of blood in them, then reinsert the cup and you are done. You do not need to use soap or boil or whatever every time you empty it. Keep in mind that cups are designed to hold quite a bit of blood so you might not need to empty it in a public bathroom.1) Depending on your flow, yes, it can be messy to take out. hydro flask bottle

hydro flask sale The “Grail” became interwoven with the legend of the Holy Chalice. The connection of the Holy Chalice with Joseph of Arimathea dates from Robert de Boron’s Joseph d’Arimathie (late 12th century). The fully developed “Grail legend” of the 13th century identifies the Holy Grail with the Holy Chalice used in the Last Supper and later used to collect hydro flask sale.

She would go toother House for Mass every morning

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Calls are routed through a smartphone

“‘Daddy, I love you very much’. Those were the exact words she spoke to me, and those were the last words I heard her say”. Gordon Wilson was speaking shortly after the death of his daughter, Marie nfl Jerseys, who was killed by the Provisional IRA bomb at the Cenotaph in Enniskillen on Sunday 8 November 1987..

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Richards and Carter were once the cornerstones of the Flyers organization, signed to long term deals and expected to deliver titles. Despite giving the organization a Calder Cup as rookies right out of junior with the Philadelphia Phantoms and then leading the big club to the Stanley Cup round in 2010 Cheap Jerseys free shipping, management fell out of love with the duo and traded them away last summer. Richards went to the Kings and Carter to the Blue Jackets.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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And the people who came from Birmingham they were quite frightened when the planes went over. We did have a lot of planes go over here and the searchlights, we use to go out and watch them across the sky but I wasn’t really frightened, because I hadn’t known the bombs like these Birmingham people had and they used to go down the cellar when there was anything on, they was too frightened to stay up. I know when my sister came here and there was the two of us, we got under the table we weren’t worried like they were Cheap Jerseys free shipping, but people who had experienced it.

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I am not a big fan of piercings

If she told me she would like to wait until marriage, that would be okay for me, of course, its not like anyone is _expecting_ anything. If you now say if you let her run free, she won wait maybe Vibrators, but doesn that show that it belongs to the process of growing up, at least somewhere along the way? Whenever one feels ready I have a friend who was yeeeaars later than the statistic, and noone looked at her strange. Sex is an intimate thing, of course, but I believe for finding the right partner, and for building a strong, close relationship, it is important to know what you want.

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Realistic Dildo A friend of mine had his app featured in the Apple (retail) Store about two years ago. They were completely up front about the whole thing; my friend knew exactly why Apple approached them way before his app hit the display machines at the retail stores. The only thing they couldn tell him is exactly when the app would be in the stores; they could only give him a range of about three months. Realistic Dildo

Realistic Dildo Virginia execution. Virginia executed Teresa Lewis last night for conspiring to kill her husband and stepson for insurance money. Robert McDonnell and the Supreme Court declined to stop the execution. Do you think she’ll like them?” The sticking up red flowers tickled his nose as he displayed his gift while still clutching the rolled up flimsy, which had a tendency to try to unroll and escape whenever his grip loosened.”Come in dildo, yes, all’s well. She’s here, she’s fine dildos, and the flowers are very nice ” The Professora rescued the bouquet and ushered him into her tiled hallway sex toys Vibrators, closing the door firmly behind them with her foot. The house was dim and cool after the spring sunshine outside, and had a fine aroma of wood wax, old books, and a touch of academic dust.”She looked pretty pale and fatigued at Tien’s funeral. Realistic Dildo

vibrators The top is designed like a halter top. The bottom band measures about 25 1/2″ across flat, but stretches pretty easily up to about 35″. It can’t be adjusted in any way and secures with a set of hooks that clip into each other. They are a horde (meaning they should overwhelm you with sheer numbers, not that they use horde mechanics) race that has a mechanic that makes it harder for them to make hordes of shit armies then it is for other races, a mechanic that undermines themselves and they get fucked by Cavalry early on and flying units for the entire game. Which mostly has to do with them missing a bunch of units which would patch up these holes. I love the idea of Skaven so much and I loved them on the tabletop when GW actually cared about them (IE before they got shoved into Chaos and all but the Nurgle rats began to be largely ignored) but they one of the few races I have to say CA massively fucked up.. vibrators

adult Toys I think it sparked us. In the third, Chris Tanev scored to make it a one goal game and the Canucks had some chances, particularly Alex Edler with an open net and Horvat on a Virtanen rebound. But the Bolts didn exactly wither and die and they had their own thoughts about the extracurriculars.. adult Toys

wholesale vibrators Now, following 24 hours of hot coverage, the feds are involved. “This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” a Lawrence spokesman said in a statement reported by Reuters. 4chan users operate with complete anonymity, which Pooletoldthe Wall Street Journal in 2008. wholesale vibrators

adult Toys And then we got protests against the Federal government. I have policy issues with this government, ive had policy issues with every government, but to a certain degree these protests are just as naive as those protesting against oil all together. The twinning of the trans mountain was shutdown because of a ruling made by federal courts based off legal reasoning, not cause Trudeau asked of it. adult Toys

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