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Posey on the new rule eliminating take out slides at second base: “nobody has a problem with aggressive slides. I think it’s trying to remove the malicious intent, the unnessesary slides. Similar to the home plate stuff I don’t see it being that much of a change that people have to make.”

Duffy says “in the minor leagues I never really hit that wall (at the end of the season).

The last handheld I owned was a Gameboy Color

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discount moncler jackets I glad someone is calling out these overly offended nutjobs on the left, who often resort to bullying and threatening people livelihoods. They always get a free pass on it because they have the “right” social/political opinions. It hilarious now that the person who started this prom Chinese dress controversy is moncler online store now being called out for using the n word on Twitter. discount moncler jackets

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moncler jacket online Yea, let get this group started! Dudeee I need to get Breath of the Wild. I moncler outlet sale kinda obsessed with cheap moncler coats mens Zelda I beaten all of the 3D games discount moncler jackets except Wind moncler outlet prices Waker (didn own a Gamecube or WiiU) and BoTW. Also played Link to the Past, Minish Cap, and Link Between Worlds on 3DS. Not much of a gamer these days haha but the Switch is tempting me. moncler jacket online

moncler coats for kids Hahaha I hear that dogs are really good wingmen. That the main reason I want one, but tbh I more of a cat person. I seen people on YouTube who somehow trained their cats how to go on walks. moncler coats for kids

moncler jackets for women Breath of the Wild is friggin amazing and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Switch being a portable system. It a great “grab and go” option since it definitely more difficult to sit and play games thanks to adulting. Not to mention you sometimes don want to sit around searching for a “save” with the switch you can put it in sleep mode at ANY time and resume right where you left off! moncler jackets for women

moncler jackets men Also been a HUGE Zelda fan since I was a kid played them all (except for maybe 4 swords and triforce heroes)! Also another one you missed on GC was Twilight Princess. It was awesome! moncler jackets men

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moncler coats for women Haha I played Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword on Wii. That Hyrule field theme is so great, especially at 0:47. The last handheld I owned was a Gameboy Color, so it really amazing to me that you can now have a console experience on a handheld. moncler coats for women

Moncler Factory Outlet Do you get people approaching you/giving you their number when you out walking your dog? I moncler outlet probs wouldn get one because they need a lot of attention and need me uk moncler outlet to be at home to go outside every day. I do like shibas though. uk moncler sale Haha ask cheap moncler sale your neighbor if his cat is a wingman too. cheap moncler jackets womens I know you can train them to go on walks if you start when they are young and reward them with treats. Moncler Factory Outlet

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moncler outlet mall I thought the criticisms of The Big Sick by those brown women were totally bogus. It was based on his real life story. There was one moncler outlet online desi girl in the movie who had a really cool moncler outlet woodbury personality and interests, but Kumail rejected her because he was in love with his now wife. The other ones were barely developed because guess what, he literally met them once off of some matrimonial website and they weren the focus of the fucking movie. That a great example moncler mens jacket replica of character development for moncler uk outlet a desi woman in the movie. moncler outlet mall

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buy moncler jackets toronto Okay, so it took running against a literal pedophile for Doug Jones to win in Alabama. They won have that advantage in other elections. Conor Lamb will have to run again in 2018 because Pennsylvania recently redrew the district lines. buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler jacket outlet The Dems have to defend 24 Senate seats (many which are in the south and midwest) compared to only 9 for the Republicans. I highly doubt that they can win all of those seats and take some away from the Republicans. I moncler usa be fair and say maybe the moncler womens jackets House is up for grabs, but I don see it happening since the Republicans have been so much more successful at gerrymandering the district lines for the past few decades. moncler jacket outlet

womens moncler jackets Sports in general, tennis in particular. I played for my college before my medical leave of absence. I still occasionally play with our club team but my main focus right now is getting moncler sale back in shape. I love watching basketball (Rockets!), soccer (Spurs!), cricket, and have begun watching some baseball after hopping on the Astros bandwagon a few months ago. womens moncler jackets

cheap moncler coats for women Literature/reading. My mom started her career cheap moncler jackets as a librarian, so I grew up in libraries. In fact, most of my activity on reddit thus far is in book related subs. I adore Rushdie, Proust, David Grossman, John McPhee, Dostoevsky, Derek Walcott, moncler sale online and Agha Shahid Ali. I also like to read about Indian philosophy in general, and Indian Buddhism in particular (Nagarjuna my boy). cheap moncler coats for women

moncler outlet location Cooking. I love cooking everything from Mallu food (my aviyal is still missing something) to Malaysian (I make a nice mee goreng) to Mexican (squash blossoms!). moncler outlet location

moncler outlet woodbury Talking. I love conversation, and like to think I can hold a good one with most anyone. It always wonderful getting to know people! moncler outlet woodbury

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moncler outlet uk There not a lot of non fantasy, non scifi subreddits unfortunately. The what have you been reading threads on r/literature usually have some decent recs and discussion going. Other than that, I usually just answer posts on r/suggestmeabook or r/booksuggestions moncler outlet uk. 1 gnmc

Game # 74

1929 Cubs – 1 – 5 – 1
Hitmen – 15 – 18 – 0

WP: Grove
LP: Root

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The Hitmen

, are trading below their IPO prices

afn seeks clarification on changes to land claims process

canadian goose jacket One of my favorite marvel seasons now.I canada goose factory outlet still very much dislike Claires character. She only seemed natural in the original daredevil seasonI rather canada goose parka uk lukewarm about characters constantly crossing over. Solo movies/shows have their own tone and frames of reference. canadian goose jacket

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Ici pas de “gros bills”, flinguage et autre hectolitre de sang et zombie massacr 9 raka

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go or go and have sex are both horrible to me for different

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moncler jackets canada I feel like Gus isn’t completely in the dark about Dustin. Rewatching that wedding episode where he passive aggresively snarked at Mickey for being mad at him for not telling her about Sarah, he said something like “what and you’ve told me every single thing that’s gone on with you and your exes”. I think that scene was played that way for a cheap moncler jackets womens reason. moncler jackets canada

moncler outlet I’m not saying that Gus definitely knew about the affair, but i think moncler outlet he knew something went on and decided to not bring it up and leave it in the past. moncler outlet

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moncler coats for cheap Whenever I re watch I stop prior to Bart Bass being revealed as alive but the last few episodes of S5 and all of S6 is just bad. Their was really no need for Ivy, Sage or Steven (probably include Rufus and Lily as well), I don think Lily would have gone back to Bart, nor would Rufus force through the annulment. moncler coats for cheap

womens moncler jackets Both Blair and Dan were written out of character (following their S4 and 5 development), Dan vengeance against the UES was silly and Blair was just uk moncler sale downright mean/ rude to Nelly Yuki, I also never understood why Eleanor thought she be a good replacement for her especially following; Louis, the engagement, wedding, Divorce, pregnancy moncler sale outlet and the miscarriage. And 30ish episodes she pushed it away for the of Taste phase. womens moncler jackets

cheap moncler And Dan being revealed as Gossip Girl was strange, I guess he was the most likely of the main characters to be GG but it makes no sense throughout the shows run. My head canon is that he started it and moncler outlet store sold relatively early in the shows run to a secondary character. cheap moncler

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moncler outlet location I would say season 4 is where the storylines became all kinds of crazy. They put together the core couples (Dan Serena, Chuck Blair) for like discount moncler jackets a minute only to tear them up. again. Which gets old pretty fast. moncler outlet location

moncler outlet online store I’m pretty conflicted though about season 4, on one hand best moncler jackets i think the juliet and dair thing were super fun moncler outlet sale to watch but also super unrealistic (yes, even for gossip girl), moncler womens jackets just didnt make sense. It made me hate all the core characters. I remember i might have even rooted for Juliet at some point against Serena and the two dildos formerly uk moncler outlet known as Dan Nate. Chuck and Blair big cheap moncler coats mens reunion and subsequent breakup were also super anti climatic. moncler outlet online store

moncler jackets on sale Season 5 and 6 were just painful to watch. moncler jackets on sale

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cheap moncler jackets wholesale Depends on what you want to primarily use it for. I live in Indonesia and i have a US amazon account. I don’t really do any shopping with mine though. cheap moncler jackets wholesale

moncler outlet woodbury I use it for music, hue bulbs, fire tv netflix, and my harmony hub (control my entertainment system and ac) It’s a pretty sweet setup for my small apartment. Setup is pretty straight forward since none of these things are region cheap moncler sale locked. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler jackets toronto One thing that needs a little workaround is the app download and update. I have an iphone and the Alexa app is not available in the Indonesian app store. So i have to switch to the US store to download the app and moncler usa switch back after (which on an iphone is a pretty laborous process since everything is tied to your apple account). It cheap moncler jackets mens also doesn’t automatically update, so i have to do this everytime there’s one available. moncler jackets toronto

moncler jackets Not sure how things work with an android though. moncler jackets

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Official Moncler Outlet This is a really interesting dilemma. On one hand, the result is basically the same if you go knowing you have no interests in him or if you go trying to get to know him moncler online store and then find out you’re not interested at all. On the moncler outlet online other hand, yea ethically speaking thats kind of a dick move. Official Moncler Outlet

moncler coats outlet On the guy side though, it’s also wrong to expect a girl to put out or like she owes you something if you chose to take her to a concert. It’s not like that’s a completely selfless thing either. In this sense i agree with Stella (your body your choice, his lana del rey connections his choice). I mean its not like she explicitly promised him sex/second date or anything if he got her tickets you know. moncler coats outlet

moncler jackets cheap So i think both sides are kinda in the greys on this. moncler jackets cheap

moncler coats sale Ps. I hate Dr Greg. Just thought that this is a good topic to discuss since i’ve come across a lot of scenarios like this one in real life. moncler coats sale

cheap moncler jackets outlet [deleted] 1 point submitted cheap moncler jackets 1 month ago cheap moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler coats for women On the result being the same, that is why I think the intent is the deciding factor in whether or not anyone is being taken advantage of. cheap moncler coats for women

moncler jackets kids As for the guy expecting anything, yeah if moncler sale he expects her to owe him sex he is a dick and that is a bad date but I don think it is unreasonable moncler outlet prices for everyone to at least be honest about their intentions. In this case it was more than just a concert, Del Rey was a friend of a friend or something and they were going to meet her. I did just think that it was actually pretty apt what Stella said. moncler jackets kids

moncler jackets men When talking about sex we often talk about informed consent. Well then does not follow that he should be able to give informed consent to take her to meet Del Rey? moncler jackets men

Moncler Factory Outlet Also moncler outlet woodbury yeah, I really dislike and pity Dr Greg. It is just that in this case I felt he was actually closer to the mark for some bizarre reason. Ignoring my ideal response the three options were go, don go, go and have sex. moncler sale online Of those three I think “don go” was the best one. go or go and have sex are both horrible to me for different reasons. Moncler Factory Outlet

Discount Moncler Coats Oh see I thought it was like a first date or even second date type of situation. Discount Moncler Coats

moncler coats cheap To be clear, if she has been seeing him for a moncler outlet online while and leading him on for free stuff, that not grey at all. That just wrong. I think context is important too. Like has she been actively leading him on and like lying about it. Or has she been sort of non committal this whole time. The first one is obviously bad, the latter is. debatable. moncler coats cheap

moncler jackets for women If however it a first date or really2 early in the dating process, would you think it less wrong? I mean at that point, both parties should have zero expectations right moncler jackets for women. 9 dugi

cheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagracheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra cheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra Viagracheap Viagra cheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagracheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra cheap Viagra Viagra Viagra fake fake Viagra Mixed feeling about our guys at the AllStar game this year – would rather see them get some rest. That being said, our guys deserve to be higher ranked than they currently are. Voting ends tomorrow. Nobody asked me for my opinion, but when I joined this site a couple of weeks ago, I naturally assumed there’d be regular discussions about the two best broadcasters in the land. What I’ve discovered instead is that this group is loaded with angry, petty, vengeful, judgmental and downright nasty participants who have no idea what civil discourse is all about. There are many classy, civil folks on here, as well, but they are sadly outnumbered by the verbal thugs who talk a good game but who would probably never have the courage to confront you face to face on the street.

Certainly for baseball, the answer to these questions is yes

5 best beaches in sarasota

replica handbags china Its first publications were Class, which was renamed to B to B, and Hospital Management. The small staff of three people moved to Chicago in 1916, and today the company headquarters is in Detroit. In 1930, Advertising Age made its debut, and went on to become the international newspaper of marketing.. replica handbags china

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replica handbags online “The most important points were, does the sport have the support of the younger generation and how big is the population of the sport worldwide,” Fujio Mitarai told TheJapan Times. Mitarai is the president of the games’ Organizing Committee and chaired the panel in Tokyo. Certainly for baseball, the answer to these questions is yes.. replica handbags online

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