Hollingshead would be the first to say he’s not a hero

Discussion of a secret channel adds to a broader pattern of efforts by Trump closest advisors to obscure their contacts with Russian counterparts. Trump first national security adviser, Flynn, was forced to resign after a series of false statements about his conversations with Kislyak. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from matters related to the Russia investigation after it was revealed that he had failed to disclose his own meetings with Kislyak when asked during congressional Canada Goose Sale testimony about any contact with Russians.

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canada goose clearance FILE In this Nov. 6, 2016, file photo, Seattle Sounders defender Joevin Jones, left, competes for the ball with FC Dallas defender Ryan Hollingshead during the second half of an MLS soccer western conference semifinal playoff match in Frisco, Texas. Hollingshead would be the first to say he’s not a hero. canada goose clearance

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