He one time said that he was born in Mbarara hospital

He one time said that he was born in Mbarara hospital and does not know his exact date of birth. That was in Mbarara in 1992, April. Let him stop lying us that he was born in Uganda! The most informed sources who have known Museveni since his early child hood insist that he and his.

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There isn’t much you can do except try

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Grappling Positions – Clinch Hold

Today, we will be taking a look at one of the more important and prominent positions in fighting (let alone mixed martial arts) a�� the clinch hold. Also known as a�?clinching hold,a�? it is a grappling position in which both opponents are standing, looking for a certain lock which will eventually lead to a takedown of sorts.

The clinch hold is also noted to be one of the main strategies to keep the opponent close enough to avoid hard strikes.

Entering the clinch, or a�?closing the gap,a�? is not an easy task, as the opponent can quickly throw some hard blows that could connect and do some heavy damage on the aggressor. However, it can be noted that achieving a low center of gravity and protecting the face with the forearms crossed over are the two best strategies to get inside for a clinch.

Once the aggressor has charged in, he will want to remain low, and use his legs to dig his dominant shoulder into the chest of the opponent. At that point, a number of holds can be applied, so long as the grab is performed correctly.

The first hold that a clinch can achieve is the bear hug. Most people understand that a bear hug is a tight grip around a person in which their arms are trapped beneath the aggressor. The arms can be wrapped around the chest or midsection from this position.

From here, one can almost always take the opponent down with either a throw, or a transition into an inverted bear hug, which shows the aggressora��s hands locked around the back of the opponent, and the aggressora��s head pushing firmly into the sternum.

Another clinch hold is the collar tie. This is one of the simpler grabs upon entering the clinch, where the aggressor wraps his arm up the back of the opponent, grabbing either the back of the neck or the trapezius.

The double-handed version is most prominent in Muay Thai fighting, and is much easier to take an opponent down, as a number of throws can be done from here. Knee strikes can also be done from the double-handed collar tie.

A variation of closing the gap for a collar-tie-into-knee-strikes would be to throw punches in bunches (left-right-left hook-uppercuts). This catches the opponent off-guard, and the collar tie can be applied from here.

Much like the bear hug, the overhook is another clinch hold that controls the opponent in the standing game. This is simply done by putting an arm over the opponenta��s arm and locking (or encircling) that arm around the opponenta��s arm. This can be done with one or both arms, and it is a fairly nice counter to an opponenta��s underhook, and a great preventative tactic to avoid a bear hug.

Finally, a pinch tie grip is the gateway to any of the above holds, viyagra. in which the arms are wrapped around the opponenta��s back and locked via hand-to-wrist, finger-locked, or palm-to-palm. It is fairly easy to transition into underhooks or a double collar tie, but it can also lead to a throw or a variation to over-under position. Either way, the goal is to take the opponent out of his guard and into the defensive.

From any of these positions, the aggressor would like to end the fight, as is with most grappling techniques.

As seen with the double collar tie, strikes with the knees can be applied, but a�?dirty boxinga�? techniques have been effectively used, as well.

The guillotine chokehold is a great submission to apply from the collar tie; however, the advantage is always in favor of a taller fighter to achieve this type of lock.

Check out this video for more great tips on clinch fighting!

YouTube Preview Image

Goldberg, Longtime Broadcaster and Sports Connoisseur

Mike Goldberg

Mike “Goldie” Goldberg has a wealth of experience in the world of sports broadcasting, and has held jobs that most sports lovers can only dream of. Starting his career as a smalltime sports commentator, Goldberg worked his way up to a position with a struggling company: the UFC. He grew with the company and is now a prominent figure in the ever-popular world of MMA.

Best known for his work as a play-by-play announcer for the UFC, Goldberg has held broadcasting jobs in various different sports, and he continues to expand his knowledge and experience as a sportscaster to this date.

Goldberg gained broadcasting experience as the host of the student-run television show “Sports Focus” at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, where he graduated with a degree in Mass Communications in 1986. After graduation, Goldberg got a job calling CFL games, and his goal was to become an NFL play-by-play announcer.

Goldberg, a collegiate hockey player, went on to announce the sport for the Detroit Red Wings, Minnesota Wild, Phoenix Coyotes, Vancouver Canucks, ESPN2 Hockey, and ESPN. A�He was even a sideline reporter for the Chicago Bulls dynasty in his early broadcasting career.

Goldberg and co-announcer Rogan

In 1997, Goldberg got the opportunity to announce for the UFC, and began his new career at “UFC: Ultimate Japan” (UFC 15.5) on Dec. 21. Goldberg does not have an extensive background in the practice of martial arts like his counterpart Joe Rogan. Therefore, he had to quickly learn the terminology and basics of the sport in its developing stages and he still works to stay ahead in the fast-paced and arguably the worlds fastest-growing sport today.

“The most challenging part of my job is staying on top of all the news, doing my homework and keeping up with the growing sport of MMA. I feel the fans deserve this,” Goldberg said in an interview with Charles Ruocco of MMACanada.net

Having held stints in nearly every corner of the sports broadcasting world, Mike Goldberg makes up for his lack of MMA experience with his passion for the sport and knowledge of the world of sports broadcasting.

In 2005, as a response to the growing popularity of the UFC, the WWE made an attempt to slash the competition by buy fluoxetine uk. offering Goldberg a significant contract along with a six-figure bonus to no-show at an upcoming UFC event. The UFC, realizing the value of its senior commentator, countered the offer and Goldberg ultimately decided to stay with the company.

Goldberg has been featured as the host of “UFC Unleashed,” co-host of “Shaq Vs.,” and guest host on “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.” He has covered NCAA basketball and baseball, college football and basketball for FSN nationally, and even televised NFL pre-season games for the Arizona Cardinals. Goldberg is also the commentator for the Red Bull Air Race World Series, and the announcer of the Lingerie Bowl.

YouTube Preview Image

Having announced over 100 UFC events and contributed greatly to the development of the sport, Goldberg is truly a notable and distinguished figure in the MMA world today. Goldberg will announce alongside Rogan this Saturday at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Goldberg Before The UFC – 1989

Gomi continues decline, Nelson proves legitimacy at UFN 21

Once regarded by many as one of the top lightweights in the world, former Pride FC lightweight champion and Japanese MMA legend Takanori Gomi met his match Wednesday night as he squared off with TUF vet Kenny Florian in the main event of UFC Fight Night 21.

Florian vs. Gomi

The event, held at the Bojangles Coliseum, marked the first time that the UFC has visited Charlotte, N.C., since UFC 5 in 1995. The event also marked Gomi’s UFC debut and his first fight in America since 2003.

Gomi and Florian exchanged on the feet for the majority of the main event, and Florian controlled the action. He utilized his four-inch reach advantage throughout the fight, landing stiff jabs from a distance, which took a toll on Gomi. Gomi shot for the takedown on the BJJ black belt in the first round, but was unable to get the fight to the ground or stay close enough to trade blows effectively.

In the last round Florian successfully took the fight to the ground, landed ground-and-pound, and used an arm triangle to pass to full mount. Florian used his BJJ to lock in a rear-naked choke as Gomi turned, forcing the tap at 2:52 into the third round. Florian outstriked Gomi 80-41, according to compustrike.com, and won “Submission of the Night” honors. Florian is expected to face Gray Maynard next in August, when the UFC visits his hometown of Boston, Massa.

In the co-main event, heavyweight Roy Nelson proved that his TUF win was no fluke and that he is ready for the UFC’s toughest competition by running through Stefan Struve in the first round. After a brief power outage the fight commenced, and Nelson didn’t let the reach advantage of pharmacy europe rx. the 6-foot-11-inch Struve become a factor in the fight.

Rivera vs. Quarry

Nelson pressed his opponent in the opening exchanges, closed the distance and landed an overhand right, which clippedA�Struve. He quickly followed up with another overhand right that dropped Struve. Nelson jumped on his opponent, landing ground-and-pound until the fight was stopped at 0:39 into the first round. Nelson outstriked Struve 9-2 in the match and won “Knockout of the Night” honors.

TUF vet and 12-fight UFC vet Jorge Rivera put on an impressive performance in a standup battle with fellow TUF vet and former UFC middleweight title challenger Nate Quarry in the second fight of the night. Rivera dominated the first round, dropping Quarry three times with strong rights, and nearly finished him.

Quarry got rocked with a left at the start of the second round and Rivera followed up with ground-and-pound, putting an end to the fight at 0:29 into the second round. The fight marked Rivera’s third consecutive UFC victory.

The first fight of the night featured an explosive lightweight battle between TUF 9 winner Ross Pearson and 8-fight UFC veteran Dennis Siver. The fighters traded back and forth on the feet for most of the fight. Pearson rocked his opponent several times in the fight and showed good takedown defense.

Pearson vs. Siver

Pearson utilized his superior standup to earn a unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the contest 30-27. The bout earned “Fight of the Night” honors. All fighters earning bonus honors earned $30,000.

A preliminary bout between Caol Uno and Gleison Tibau was also featured on the broadcast before the co-main event. Tibau overwhelmed Uno with punches in the contest, took his back, and pounded him out. The fight was stopped at 4:13 into the first round.

Overall, the Bojangles Coliseum had an attendance of 7,700 and a total gate of $590,685. The broadcast on Spike TV peaked at two million fans during the main event, according to mmapayout.com. The event was followed by the premier of the eleventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

The next UFC event, UFC 112, will feature a middleweight champion match between Anderson Silva and Demian Maia, and a lightweight championship match between B.J. Penn and Frankie Edgar. The event will mark the UFC’s first trip to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Live pay-per-view coverage of the event will begin at 1 p.m. EST on Saturday, April 10. The event will be re-aired at the UFC’s normal event time of 10 p.m. EST via delay.

UFC Fight Night 21 Full

YouTube Preview Image

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